Twila Moon PhD on Arctic Melt and Human Choices

December 16, 2019

Still recovering from last week’s American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

I managed to grab a number of very significant interviews with both old and new friends – will be bringing them out over coming weeks and months.
Decided to start with this one. Twila Moon is a great scientist and a powerful communicator with an important message.

4 Responses to “Twila Moon PhD on Arctic Melt and Human Choices”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Excellent short interview – despite the extremely disappointing Madrid COP outcome, we still have a control knob and still are the masters of our own destiny.

    And we can well do without denier liars on influential social media. . .


    There was no such article or cover in 1977. As Time itself explains here, the penguin cover actually comes from 2007, and an article titled “The Global Warming Survival Guide”.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Even more reason to get to turning that knob, National Geographic reports.

    “Huge amounts of greenhouse gases lurk in the oceans, and could make warming far worse.”

    The discovery of these deep ocean CO2 reservoirs, as well as methane seeps closer to shore, comes as leading scientists warned this month that the world is now surpassing a number of climate tipping points, with ocean temperatures at record highs.

    The few CO2 reservoirs that have been found so far are located adjacent to hydrothermal vent fields in the deep ocean. But the global extent of such reservoirs remains unknown.

  3. terry123a Says:

    NOAA star microwave data since 1978, 3 K cooling. NOAA ocean rise trends on land not sinking like Tower Pier, UK, Zero rise since 1950. When you can explain with data why this data is at variance with your claims than you have a case.

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