Fox News Pushing Explicit Climate Racism

November 13, 2019


On Monday night, with more than 2.8 million people watching, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he really, truly cares about the environment. (Amazing!)

And because he really, truly cares about the environment, Carlson added, he doesn’t want a bunch of brown people coming into America, as they would “pollute” and “despoil” the country. (Oh wow! Ok!)

Carlson made these comments in a conversation with Justin Haskins, the editorial director for the right-wing climate denial group The Heartland Institute. The two were speaking about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ recently-released immigration plan—which, among other things, says the Senator would allow at least 50,000 climate refugees into America during his first year in the White House. 

(That part of Sanders’ plan is taken directly from Senate bill 2565, Senator Ed Markey’s bill “to establish a Global Climate Change Resilience Strategy, to authorize the admission of climate-displaced persons, and for other purposes.”)

Responding to scientific estimates that anywhere from 25 million to 1 billion people around the world will be displaced by climate change by 2050, Carlson asked Haskins: “Why would a climate migrant have the right to come to my country?”

Haskins responded by … well, you can just read it.

Haskins: I don’t believe that anybody is actually suffering from man-caused climate change. But Bernie Sanders’ proposal would have 50,000 [people] at minimum come to the United States from around the world who are suffering from climate change supposedly in just the first year, and over the course of his presidency hundreds of thousands of people, because supposedly this is good for climate justice or something along those lines. But the most bizarre part of this … is that they say human beings are causing climate change. If that’s true, then why are we bringing from all over the world where they create CO2 emissions less per person, in places like Mexico and Guatamala, why are we bringing them to the United States where we produce CO2 emissions per person at a much higher rate?

Good point, Justin. Let them suffer so the rest of us can live!

Anyway, Carlson responded by proclaiming his personal love for the environment, accusing liberals of hating the environment, and speculating that immigrants would ruin the environment.

Carlson: Also, if you care about the environment—which I personally do in fact, emphatically care, and actually go outside once in a while unlike most people on the left—why would you want a crowded country? Isn’t crowding your country the fastest way to despoil it, to pollute it, to make it, you know a place you wouldn’t want to live?

Haskins: Yeah. Absolutely. 

Yeah. Yikes.

Of course, racism is not new to climate deniers, or Fox News.

6 Responses to “Fox News Pushing Explicit Climate Racism”

  1. Paul Butler Says:

    Even under Sanders’ proposal, the number of climate refugees the US would take by 2050 (in 30 years time) would be 1.5 million, a fraction of the number required.

    It needs to be stressed that this is an global problem, requiring long-term planning within the international community.

    And yet Russia, a country with low population density and vast areas of unpopulated land, seems to be intent on using the migration crisis to advance its own geopolitical aims.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and a shill from the Heartland Institute—-a veritable Trifecta of ignorance, stupidity, and whoring for fossil fuels. Enough to make one puke!

  3. doldrom Says:

    They will produce more CO² in America than they did back home.

    A devious argument. Because it is true it shows how important it is to know in which contexts people choose to tell truths or lies, and what they really mean.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Immigrants only produce more CO² here than they did in their home countries if they were extremely poor there, if they’re less poor here, and if we fail to decarbonize in the US, which we must do. To accomplish that we have to remove the right wing extremists from power.

      Racists tried to take over the Sierra Club once with this same lie; they failed but the wounds of that fight are still oozing. It’s a little discouraging that Republicans are still so full of hatred; it’s devastating that they’re so full of hatred and climate denial but still have enough of a following to be able to cheat their way into power over and over. With the election results in Virginia, etc. it’s starting to look like “we” may soon have enough states to stop them from doing that—if the Democrats will stop collaborating in their own party’s disempowerment. They’ll only do that if progressives can take over the Democratic party.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        “Immigrants only produce more CO² here than they did in their home countries if they were extremely poor there, (and) if they’re less poor here….”

        From the list of 20 top per capita CO2 emitters

        3) United States 15.0T per capita
        4) Canada 14.9T

        17) Mexico 3.6T
        18) Brazil 2.0T
        19) Indonesia 1.7T
        20) India 1.6T

        Even people from countries among the present top per capita emitters are likely to be “less poor” here and produce WAY more CO2. Yep, we DO have to “decarbonize”—-still waiting to hear from J4Z which candidate he thinks is most likely to win in 2020 and “remove the right wing extremists from power.”

        • Chuck Tyson Says:

          The per capita numbers are meaningless. What you want are numbers per Country. India and China are huge polluters, and have very large populations, so naturally their carbon emissions per person are lower that say the US with 1/4 of the population. What should worry the hell out of greenbeans is when China and India’s populations move more into mainstream society. The carbon emissions will soar and these are the 2 Countries not part of the Paris accord… so why would the US?

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