Republican Leader Warns on Climate Denial. Sort of.

October 31, 2019

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) may be most famous for opining that “Putin pays Trump…swear to God” (above)
Insists now he was kidding.

But on climate change, even one of the stupidest men in politics is bright enough to get that it looks bad if you continue to pretend that you don’t get it. Not that he wants to actually do anything about it.
Might piss off Putin.

Washington Examiner:

McCarthy issued one stark warning for his party. He said younger voters are worried about climate change and cautioned that Republicans were risking their viability in elections over the long term by ignoring this critical issue.

Most major Republican leaders have been reluctant to address climate change. Some Republicans have even referred to fears about the warming of the Earth as a hoax. But McCarthy said that voters in their late 20s are the largest demographic age group in the United States and said Republicans could permanently lose this voting bloc absent offering a climate change agenda.

“We need to have an open discussion about, what should the party look like 20 years from now, and we should be a little nervous,” McCarthy said. “We have to do something different than we’ve done.”

To that end, McCarthy said House Republicans are planning to introduce a series of bills addressing climate change. He said the legislation would seek to use conservative, free-market principles to protect the environment, rejecting Democratic proposals such as Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

“Let’s have that debate instead of everybody saying we’re just deniers,” McCarthy said.



8 Responses to “Republican Leader Warns on Climate Denial. Sort of.”

  1. renewableguy Says:

    ANd you wonder why people are disappointed in government. Capitalism is on the downfall amongst the young and they prefer socialism. Government is going to change in the future.

  2. doldrom Says:

    “Putin pays …”

    I wish people would put to rest this idea of Putin as some deus ex machina who is ghosting virtually everything that is happening across the globe: an omnipotent genius steering the actions of everybody else.

    • Keith Omelvena Says:

      Well not him personally, but his internet weaponising team of trolls, working from a basement in St Petertsburg, hold the steering wheel for him.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Ignoring your hyperbole about Putin’s influence, you need to get up to speed on what HAS gone on with Putin and Trump (and his minions) over the years. A good book that explores the topic in depth is HOUSE OF PUTIN HOUSE OF TRUMP: THE UNTOLD STORY OF DONALD TRUMP AND THE RUSSIAN MAFIA, Craig Unger, Dutton, 2018

      You will be inundated with hard to remember Russian names—-persevere and it will all become clear.

    • jimbills Says:

      The ‘blame Russia’ thing is a lazy fallback position that does more harm to Democrats than help. It’s essentially a half truth. It’s true that the Russians have been trying to influence our elections (as we also do all around the world). It’s true that Trump seems unusually supportive of the Russians, and this raises important questions.

      But the Democrats have been taking these truths and over-amplifying it to the point of seeing anything and everything as a Russian plot. Hillary Clinton recently called Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset who is being groomed by them to be President. The 2016 election has been completely blamed on the Russians, when there are far more important and accurate reasons for the loss. Pundits like Rachel Maddow obsess over Russia so much it’s like it’s America’s number one problem.

      We face serious issues. Russia is a minor issue comparatively, and the Democrats look like McCarthy era throwbacks with this persistent obsession. The ‘other half’ of the US, the part that voted for Trump and that still support him, also see it. The Russian obsession is an easy way to dismiss all other Democratic concerns because to them the Democrats are clearly irrational about Russia. Third party voters, who also see it, are turned off as well.

      Stay focused on the real and the important. Scapegoating is a lazy tactic that can and often does backfire.

  3. Greg Wellman Says:

    Or Rachel Maddow’s new book on how the oil and gas industries in general foster corruption and more specifically how Putin chose to take Russia in the direction of a corrupt petro-state instead of modernizing.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Greg Palast and Antonia Juhasz are excellent on corruption in the oil and gas industry, and I suspect more accurate, original, comprehensive, and knowledgeable. Also, there’s lots of research to be had on the Resource Curse.

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