Owl vs Owl: What can be Saved?

October 20, 2019

4 Responses to “Owl vs Owl: What can be Saved?”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    With the ongoing major changes to climate, the old movement to restore “native” species has become in many cases pointless. The hypotheticus tree (and associated species from that ecosystem) that dominated the landscape 150 years ago would not thrive in the new climate even if you managed to restore them.

    Species will be trimmed down to the equivalent of tallow trees, grackles, sea gulls, jellyfish, hagfish, etc., which themselves will eventually diversify to adapt to the new ecosystems over the next few millennia.

  2. Without internet at home, I load pages when using public wifi and read them later. Sometimes the videos load and then play off line, and sometimes they don’t. This one did, and late last night I watched with sorrow. I pondered our own species, and how ‘we’ are the invasive predators, and what they were describing also describes what was done to the indigenous of the Americas…

    “… they move into habitat and displace them from that habitat….’ ‘…they quickly rush in to — out of their territory…” ‘… we have a kind of a unique ability here to work with, and look at questions of invasion – that’s not something that happens a lot in wildlife…’ ‘essentially what our removal crew is doing is acting like a predator of Barred Owls out there…’

    I was able to play the video back several times before it discovered ‘you are not online..’ and rolled over and nudged me to connect to the internet. The quotations above are probably not verbatim, but close…

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