PBS: Why Extreme Climate Scenarios Seem More Likely

October 5, 2019

3 Responses to “PBS: Why Extreme Climate Scenarios Seem More Likely”

  1. jimbills Says:

    The clip briefly mentions but doesn’t go into the recent studies about models underestimating warming:

    This new info is likely to make into the updated IPCC report.

    Are impacts from warming also underestimated?:

  2. stephengn1 Says:

    “And that increase in the increase is increasing”
    Lol… because if I don’t laugh, i’ll cry

  3. Bryson Brown Says:

    The point is so basic that having to make it at this length seems absurd. We buy insure to protect ourselves and our families against unlikely, but very costly events. The threats posed by worst-case climate scenarios is nearly unimaginably large. Buying a very substantial insurance package against them (say, by doing more than we think is needed to keep temperature increase below 2 degrees C) is clearly the rational thing to do, unless we’re discounting the future very heavily. I have no trouble understanding why some people do discount the future that much…I don’t think Mr. Trump cares about anything more than 20 years in the future, or at least not unless he has some sort of plan render himself immortal…

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