Climate Lawsuits Follow Tobacco Template

October 5, 2019

2 Responses to “Climate Lawsuits Follow Tobacco Template”

  1. jimbills Says:

    An excellent series of articles from 2015 by Neela Banerjee about this subject:

    “As the international community moved in 1997 to take a first step in curbing emissions with the Kyoto Protocol, Exxon’s chairman and CEO Lee Raymond argued to stop it.

    “Let’s agree there’s a lot we really don’t know about how climate will change in the 21st century and beyond,” Raymond said in his speech before the World Petroleum Congress in Beijing in October 1997.

    “We need to understand the issue better, and fortunately, we have time,” he said. “It is highly unlikely that the temperature in the middle of the next century will be significantly affected whether policies are enacted now or 20 years from now.””

    Raymond was a top executive at Exxon in the 1970s and 1980s. He would have known full well about their own research.

  2. Canman Says:

    Could this be the real fossil fuel company scandal?

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