Rachel Maddow: Blowout, the Book

October 1, 2019


Just got Rachel Maddow’s new book, “Blowout”, which I eagerly pre-ordered.

From what I’m hearing, she is following the threads of Russia’s involvement, not just in the US election, but democracies all over the world. It’s a mission of desperation for the Oil fueled oligarchy, because their power depends on fossil fuels, globally, where democracies are working, popular sentiment has been turning decisively against more fossil burning and towards renewable energy.

I’ve made the blowoutbookpoint that Russia was one of the leading suspects in the “Climategate” hack of 2009. You may remember that someone hacked a server at a research center in the UK, extracted the emails of leading climate researchers, and then combed them for sentences that could be twisted and fed to a credulous, lazy media.
Sound familiar?

So you have means, motive, and in the 2016 election, near identical MO.

If this were “CSI-DC”, there’d be an open investigation in progress. Just sayin’.

2 Responses to “Rachel Maddow: Blowout, the Book”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I don’t see why there’s any surprise at the involvement of any major power in the world using social media to influence personal opinion and therefore policy around the world. It’s the lowest-hanging fruit, super cheap and largely anonymous.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    Blowout:Who’s Next?

    password: hope

    => https://www.blowoutthefilm.tv/

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