Greta Thunberg Helpline Now Available

September 30, 2019

I you’re a grumpy old codger with an uncontrollable urge to yell at a teenage girl on TV, there’s help.

7 Responses to “Greta Thunberg Helpline Now Available”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    What a swiz. I thought she’d come over and help clean up. Does she rake forests ?

  2. redskylite Says:

    Brilliant – Jeremy Clarkson please ring immediately.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    One of the best clips ever! Made my day. The folks down under really know how to do this stuff right.

  4. Canman Says:

    I’d like to see what advise they have for Tony Sinclaire.

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      ALL of the above have their future reduced! Why is this so hard to understand?

    • jimbills Says:

      That very speech from her, she said, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. Yet I am one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying.”

      Who do you think she was referring to when she called herself one of the lucky ones?

  5. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    16 year old child: What if we improve the world somewhat?
    Grown adult: I must attack this child!
    (Not mine.)

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