Thunberg owns Trump

September 24, 2019

She is a jedi at this.


Thunberg now nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


10 Responses to “Thunberg owns Trump”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Taking action with peers too. . .

    “Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who hit out at global inaction during Monday’s Climate Action Summit, and American Alexandria Villaseñor – who has been spending her Fridays on climate strike outside UN Headquarters in New York – have been joined by others aged eight to 17, from a dozen different countries including Brazil, India, Nigeria, France and South Africa, in signing the complaint.

    The group alleges that under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Committee should order Member States to take action to protect all children from the devastating impacts of climate change. ”

  2. neilrieck Says:

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I just finished reading “Novacene” by James Lovelock. He claims the Anthropocene period began circa 1712 when Thomas Newcomen developed a steam engine pump to remove water from coal mines. Of course, it was powered by coal. Humanity has come a long way since 1712; a time when no one thought the activities of humanity could ever change the natural environment. But the human population of Earth today is ten times bigger, and our collective pollutions are having a negative effect. While reading this book I recalled a lecture where the speaker claimed that a lot of people became unemployed when the world began transitioning from whale oil to petroleum in 1859. If history doesn’t repeat then it does echo, and I fear that the arguments of people backing the fossil fuel industry today might be as out of touch as the people who once thought “we’ve got to get back to whaling”. Perhaps this is where Gretta, along with the younger generation, are coming from. You can’t argue with her comment on “fairytales of eternal economic growth”. The only other thing on the planet with this philosophy is the pathology called cancer.

  3. Says:

    ​FYI: Several times lately, I’ve tried to access articles on your site, but get no-access replies. I’m in southern France.

  4. Sean Munger Says:

    I recall hearing of her nomination for the Nobel back in the spring. Her chances of winning it have probably increased since then.

  5. jimbills Says:

    To the Nobel committee: please don’t give it to her. Not yet.

    If you do it now, when there are few concrete steps on the global scale towards mitigating climate change, it will seem (to many, at least) like you are handing it to her to get her to be satisfied and sit back. It will also be a reminder of the prize going to Obama before he had really earned it:

    If she receives it now, I think a better response from her instead of being, “Golly gee, thank you powers that be! You really do like me!” would be, “I refuse this award. You haven’t done enough to stop climate change to start handing out prizes for it.”

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Nah, they should give her the award, and ASAP I’m sure she would not only refuse it, she would refuse to even go to the award ceremony to tell them to their faces. A nice angry press conference where she tells them to shove it would do the job and get lots of coverage in the press.

    • Zen-fro Sven-dog Says:

      Well, if it happens it’s nice to think about Trump’s orange head exploding in jealousy after he had just whined so much and so laughably about how HE deserved one…..

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