How Bad Will it Get? Joe Rogan with David Wallace-Wells

September 21, 2019

David Wallace-Wells realized in 2016 that Climate change is a “huge story”.

“I’m a journalist, I’m an editor mostly..
Just in 2016 started seeing a lot more of the news from science, was about climate, and a lot more of that climate news was really scary.
We hadn’t had any storytelling, we hadn’t had any discussion of what the world would look like north of 2 degrees.

“and I just felt, ,…
As a journalist, I was like, holy shit there’s a huge story here.. Like, the way that this world could be completely transformed by these forces, is not something that anyone is writing about..”

Really? Thanks David.

Your description of your own somnolent, self-involved cluelessness sort of crystalizes the most massive journalistic failure in history.

5 Responses to “How Bad Will it Get? Joe Rogan with David Wallace-Wells”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Your wording suggests you are mad at this guy, which I don’t get at all. He’s not the problem – here’s out there telling people it could get really bad if we don’t do something. Being on Rogan helps, because a lot of his listeners are deniers.

    The fact that he’s only been doing this for a few years shouldn’t matter. He’s young. He’s doing it now.

    The whole clip is worth the watch, especially the very end. I’m pretty sure he made a few minor technical misstatements, but on the whole what he says is accurate.

    Also, he’s not saying no one is reporting on climate change. The number of reports on climate change in 2016 are what motivated him to start on the subject.

    He’s saying no one was talking about what the world looks like under the worst case scenario. That’s not technically true (Mark Lynas’s book 6 Degrees comes to mind), but it is true that few people do want to examine that, for various reasons, and as a result, a lot of the public hasn’t the first clue about how bad things could get if we maintain our current course.

    How does his examination of that not help?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I’m just pissed off at the statement that no one is writing/talking about this. We’ve been screaming for decades.
      But, ok, now the time is ripe to make $$ by fanning the flames of “oh shit we’re fucked so give up.”

      • jimbills Says:

        Okay, but….

        “I’m just pissed off at the statement that no one is writing/talking about this. We’ve been screaming for decades.”

        He’s not saying that no one is talking about climate change. He was saying that there were no (or really few) people illustrating how bad it could be. And largely, he’s right about that. Scientists are hesitant to tell the public how bad it could be in real (not technical) terms. There has been a lack of mainstream media coverage about what life could look like in 2050 or 2100 if we did nothing – for whatever reason.

        We already get the message that we can and should change, and how life could be better with cleaner technologies, but the public should ALSO be informed what the worst could be if we don’t do those things. At all points, he’s said that the illustration only applies if no steps are made towards mitigation – basically RCP 8.5. He doesn’t make claims unsupported by the research.

        His article in 2017 was a bombshell – which kind of proves his point that no one else was talking about it. And some people got really upset by it. Why?

        “But, ok, now the time is ripe to make $$ by fanning the flames of “oh shit we’re fucked so give up.””

        He’s actually not a ‘doomer’. He’s saying that we will hit 2 degrees, which, sorry, but we will:

        After that, he says it’s up to us. He’s just drawing out what the world could look like if we do nothing – and the public needs to know that. We need people much more concerned about this than they are, and I think he helps in that regard.

        He probably made money from his book. But there are a lot of people making money off books about climate change.

      • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

        Unfortunately its editors and media owners, not journalists that decide what makes news.
        I’d be pissed off too that someone comes along and claims to invent something that we’ve all known about for decades, so I share your frustration.
        At least it seems that progress is being made that will influence and then hopefully dictate policy.

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