Why Dim Bulbs Love Trump

September 11, 2019

Recent rant in North Carolina. Note sparse crowd of dead-enders.

They’re still incensed about more efficient bulbs.


The Trump administration is rolling back requirements for new, energy-efficient lightbulbs. The Energy Department announced the move on Wednesday, withdrawing standards that were to be put in place to make commonly used bulbs more efficient. 
The new standards were included in energy legislation implemented under President George W. Bush and finalized under the Obama administration. They were set to go into effect in January 2020 and gradually phase out incandescent and halogen bulbs. This includes the everyday pear-shaped bulbs as well as bulbs used for items such as bathroom vanities, recessed lighting and candle-shape lights, to be replaced with energy-efficient, LED versions, which are illuminated by light-emitting diodes. 
In its announcement of the rollback, the Energy Department says the new lightbulb standards were established in 2017 “in a manner that is not consistent with the best reading of the statute.” 
Last March, NPR’s Jeff Brady reported, “Thanks to a 2007 law signed by President George W. Bush, shelves these days are largely stocked with LED bulbs that look more like the traditional pear-shape incandescent version but use just one-fifth the energy. A second wave of lightbulb changes was set to happen. But now the Trump administration wants to undo an Obama-era regulation designed to make a wide array of specialty lightbulbs more energy-efficient.”

In other news, The Trump administration proposed new supports for Typewriters, 8 Track tape players, and Beta max video cassettes.In other news, The Trump administration proposed new supports for Typewriters, 8 Track tape players, and Beta max video cassettes.In other news, The Trump administration proposed new supports for Typewriters, 8 Track tape players, and Beta max video cassettes.

22 Responses to “Why Dim Bulbs Love Trump”

  1. Jeff Baranchok Says:

    It’s simple – Trump HATES Obama with every bone in his body, even the tiny little ones in his ears. We can only guess why… (one guess). Since Trump cannot hang Obama from a tree in front of the White House, he is doing the next best thing – trying to erase everything Obama ever did while he was President, making it as if Obama never was President, which is the way Trump would rather have had it.

    Giving a big wet kiss to vested industrial interests (who are probably campaign donors and Trump hotel guests) is just icing on the cake.

  2. Lionel Smith Says:

    This light bulb rant is surely one for the psychologists to study, not just Trump but the behaviour of those holding up approving placards and cheering. Is there somebody opposite Trump holding up signs ‘Placards Now’, ‘Cheer Now’ and that audience primed with cash to act on such cues.

    Trump speech sounds as if he never made it through adolescence, I sometimes wonder if ‘his’ children are actually his biologically.

    Got around to refitting the lounge (sitting room) a couple of year back replaced two pendants each with a 60W and four wall lights each with 40W with two three LED bulb fittings in place of the pendants and matching wall light fittings, all bulbs 4W LED.

    So in place of 2x60W + 4x40W = 280W
    we now have 10x4W = 40 W.

    Why so long? Well had been using a mix of CF and incandescent due to dimmer switch limitations but LEDs are OK with a dimmer switch although best with a dimmer which chops on the trailing edge of the sine curve rather than the leading edge of most dimmers. Then there is the minimum load requirement of leading edge dimmers. The hardware store where I sourced the dimmer did not know which type they had in stock so I guess leading edge.

    Dimmer info source:


  3. Its amazing the rest of the worlds economies are on the brink of collapse with negative interest rates in Europe. USA Capitalism constantly proves over and over that wealth is based on Freedom and Deregulation and lowering taxes and not taxing people which destroys wealth. The USA will solve climate change only if there is economic prosperity driving inventions and people buying those inventions and technology with the wealth they have. Yet the ignorant leftists on this website keep wanting a totalitarian Leftist socialist oppressive regime to take over and promote there ideas which such a corrupt incompetent centrally powered government WILL never do. Saying Trump is racist and hates Obama is just pathetic and childish. When the Democrats take over and level the playing field by making everyone poor so you fools cannot hate the rich anymore due the massive high taxes they want to pay for everything then you will realize NO one will care at all about climate change. Wealthy countries care more for the environment then poor ones do so WAKE UP and support Trump then we can all buy electric cars and so forth.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      H-e-e-e-e’s b-a-a-a-a-ck!!

      Hi, Grant! Nice to see that you are the same deluded RWNJ as always.

      YES! BAU, technology, and growth will save the planet and “totalitarian Leftist socialist oppression” will destroy it.

      Lord love a duck, but that’s crazy! (And do you understand light bulbs any better than the Dim-Bulb In Chief ?)

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      Free enterprise is the default system of the world moron. You are sucked in to believing that if your aristocracy is doing good the country is doing good as the citizenry do not count. Making excuses for missing out on the good life maybe.

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