Trumpists All in on Greenland

August 22, 2019

The deficit is soaring, White Supremacist shooters are terrorizing malls, the Amazon is burning, US Farmers are losing markets and livelihoods, climate change is threatening a global extinction, but it’s all good.

Fundraising tee-shirts from the Republican Party are now showing Greenland as part of the US.

If they ever find out that Greenlanders are 88% Inuit or Inuit-mix and only 12% European, are used to single payer healthcare and free University – we can expect calls for a wall in the North Atlantic, paid for by Denmark.

And yet, climate deniers get so huffy when you point out they are ignorant and split off from reality…

UPDATE: you think they’re not serious?

UPDATE: More from CNN below.

22 Responses to “Trumpists All in on Greenland”

  1. mboli Says:

    The president had a brain fart. A bunch of staffers in the West Wing then proceeded to analyze the possibilities and how it might work, the Justice Dept. started to analyze the legalities.

    It leaked. The whole world laughed. The prime minister of Denmark said the ridiculous idea was “ridiculous.”

    So the whole world knows the president had a brain fart, except the GOP. Which is raising money by praising Trump’s “efforts to help America grow!” And handing out tee-shirts for people to proudly wear their allegiance to the president’s brain fart.

    God spoke to their prophet, and the word was “Greenland.”

    Heaven help us.

    • jimbills Says:

      Although, “brain fart” implies this was an abnormality for him, when it’s entirely consistent behavior for him. There is no guiding philosophy or belief pattern except one – does it make him look good?

      A President expanding the boundaries of the U.S. would make him look good – therefore, it’s a great idea!

      I’m not sure if you are from the U.S., but this stuff is daily here. Yesterday was any Jewish person voting for a Democrat was being ‘disloyal’ (anti-Semitic connotations from history, but really it’s just him having no clue about history or anyone else besides himself):

      And he quoted a guy who said Israelis love him like he was ‘The Second Coming’. Ponder that one. Then he called himself ‘The Chosen One’ in relation to the trade war with China. Then, he talked about birthright citizenship being ‘ridiculous’.

      That was just yesterday.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    In a (clearly snarky) statement, Kielsen pointed out that Leifr “The Lucky” Eiríksson was the first European to settle America, and as a consequence Greenland has a prior claim on the country. “So it’s only natural for the Greenlandic nation to get USA back.”

    => Premier of Greenland: Greenland considering buying America

  3. Steven Jones Says:

    No, They’ll just put the natives in concentration camps just like they did the native american indians.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Concentration camps are expensive—-if we follow the plan from the late 1800’s, we will first kill most of them off, starting by killing off their bison equivalent—-assorted sea critters—-so that many of them starve first (bullets are expensive too).

  4. redskylite Says:

    This is a little light relief I guess, so let’s let off steam, but it’s a distraction, and we all know we have yet another year of the man in power.

    This seems to equal the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes where nobody dared tell the emperor, written by Hans Christian Andersen (in Denmark of course).

    I have heard deniers mock people who caution about “Climate Change” – as chicken little-ites (the sky is falling in). Now the shoe is on the other foot

    So sing a long . . .

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