Greenland is Not for Sale

August 19, 2019

Take notes here. Above, how a smart, professional, diplomatic pro handles an obviously ignorant, bloviating fool and his enablers.

Speaks volumes that Republicans still think of countries and peoples as objects to be bought and sold.

Below, Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar asserts twitter ownership.

4 Responses to “Greenland is Not for Sale”

  1. madma22 Says:

    just finished “The Ice at the End of the World: An Epic Journey into Greenland’s Buried Past and Our Perilous Future.” I thought the book was fantastic – and learned a lot about the value and dating of ice cores and glaciers…and learned more about sea level rise. Recommended for the non-scientist folks. Maybe Trump read it too… but I wasn’t aware that he could read that small print.. thought only large print like in a teleprompter.

  2. Keith McClary Says:

    Greenlanders are 88% Inuit. They should know about the history of native people in the USA.

  3. Mike Male Says:

    Did someone troll Cheeto a couple of years ago suggesting to him that because Greenland was a bit of an economic drain on Denmark that he could buy it off them, and he’s been repeating it ever since?

  4. Trump is treating Greenland like distressed property in Manhattan: A vulture capitalist sees an opportunity. And yes, soon the waters of Greenland will BE in Manhattan.

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