New Video: “One more question, Dr. Mann….”

August 15, 2019

At the end of a long interview with Michael Mann a few months ago, I still had one more question, about the odd blue spot on NASA’s map of global temperature increases..

21 Responses to “New Video: “One more question, Dr. Mann….””

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Nicely done video—–another nail in the coffin lid.

  2. Manny Good Says:

    Mann has posted climate warming doom and gloom for years, made a career out of it. The tiny problem is the claim man is doing the warming is simply not supported by the facts unless you think 1/3 of a degree Fahrenheit since 1600 AD is doom and gloom calculated using Modtran. That leaves the sun as the actual driver of climate change, the same sun which caused the melt off of the last ice age, the Holocene warm period , the warm period around 4500 BP, the midevil warm period and the following little ice age which we have been warming out of for 400 years.

    Mann has a large following and has gained a lot with the doom and gloom. His work is not definitive on climate doom and gloom caused by man and is disputed in the literature. Giss which he largely came up with regularly adjusts temperatures from the measured including temperatures from a century ago to support the rapid warming hypothesis caused by man which is the current PC science of this age.

    There is data to question his claims if one bothers to look. Take Miami, the poster child of the doom and gloom, rapid ocean rise crowd. NOAA Tides and Current, Relative Sea Level Trend 8723170 Miami Beach, Florida has some interesting data. Zero rise from about 1960-1970. That means the world may not be warming, the central tenant of Mann and his crowd of supporters. Miami did have a ground subsidence problem from pumping of ground water and diversion of surface flows, That was addressed with an agency to deal with the problem. NOAA Star microwave data supports the no warming currently hypothesis, MSU/AMSU-A/SSU Global Mean Layer Temperature Anomaly Time Serie show the world cooling about 3K.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      JFC! There are not enough s**t-shovelers in the world to clean out the stables after Manny NoGood finishes throwing around the manure from those long-dead horses that the deniers like him love to keep beating.

      “The sun is the driver of climate change”?…..”That means the world MAY not be warming….”? Lord love a duck!

      (and Manny apparently awards himself “thumbs up” for his comments when he makes them).

      • mboli Says:

        How can you tell about the self-awarding ‘thumbs up?’

        • jfon Says:

          22 downvotes could be a site record! ( I didn’t join in the dogging. I’m with Jesus on this one – ‘ Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’)

          • dumboldguy Says:

            No, 22 downs is not a site record—-one of my comments on an obscure post many months back got 30 or 40—-don’t remember the number exactly, but the whole post drew only few comments, so the number was laughable.

            IMO, it was the work of Russell X (the banned toad-turd I will not fully identify), who maintained he had a way to get around WordPress and keep awarding ups or downs at will.

            In my experience, “honest” votes top out at around 20 or so, no matter whether they are ups or downs.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Just conjecture on my part, but it IS a logical explanation for how the very first comment on a brand new post gets a thumbs up before anyone has really seen it—-IMO, it’s the moron expressing his pride in his stupidity, i.e., “signing” his work.

    • rsmurf Says:

      Take your malarkey and deposit it where the sun don’t shine…. Ha ha see how I got the sun in there!

    • Keith McClary Says:

      “Miami did have a ground subsidence problem from pumping of ground water and diversion of surface flow”

      No. Wrong geology. Didn’t we already explain that to you?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I believe you explained it to several other denier morons, but not this one yet—-he’s new here.

        They are lined up like lemmings at the edge of the cliff—-do your best, but they DON’T want to hear scientific TRUTH, just the lies.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      <blockquote?The tiny problem is the claim man is doing the warming is simply not supported by the facts unless you think 1/3 of a degree Fahrenheit since 1600 AD is doom and gloom calculated using Modtran. That leaves the sun as the actual driver of climate change…The fact that the stratosphere is cooling relative to the troposphere means that the increase in warming is due to increased greenhouse gases preventing infrared radiation from leaving the planet.

      That’s why glaciers worldwide are melting at an accelerated rate over the past few decades.

      The City of Miami Beach, which is built on barrier islands, is not the same as the City of Miami, which is built on porous limestone rock. Please tell me where you and others have been getting this misleading information about Miami.

  3. redskylite Says:

    Thanks for an excellent informative video, with information from a variety of some of the leading climatologists and oceanologists.

    A reminder that we are risking the local climate and well-being of some very favorably placed Northern regions and more reason to stop burning fossils.

    “Higher Sea Levels and Temperatures Expected in Florida and US Southeast as Gulf Stream Slows

    Commonly known as the Atlantic “conveyor belt,” the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) drives climate throughout the eastern United States, northern Europe, and beyond. The AMOC is now weaker than it’s been in 1,600 years, losing some 15 percent of its strength since the middle of the 20th century. The climate impacts of a slowing AMOC are profound. Ironically, its weakening is likely the result of climate change. Another feedback loop in the global climate system.”

  4. Stupid question, and by no means I think geo-engineering is a smart idea.
    Alas: if the ridge between Iceland and Greenland had a lowered channel hight, would that help the strength of the conveyor belt system of the gulf stream?
    Indoubetly, this would carry the danger of also carrying more warm water further north.
    Again, just a stupid question.
    But I love Scandinavia ice free.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Not a stupid question. IMO, it wouldn’t help much, if at all—-the whole process is called “thermohaline”, meaning it is driven by temperature and salinity more than topography.

  5. neilrieck Says:

    IMHO, no scientist should ever mention the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. Why? Some Americans are unable to distinguish a Hollywood fantasy (CGI eye-candy) from real-world observations. Likewise, it is one reason why the deniers continue to invoke “Al Gore” because of a few errors Gore made about sea level rise in Florida.

    Anyway, thanks for this video because I didn’t know about the cooling spot in the Atlantic. An additional chill went up my spine with Dr. Mann said it was due to a slow down of the ocean conveyor (a.k.a. gulf stream)

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