Paris Temp Record – 109 F/42.7 C

July 25, 2019

3 Responses to “Paris Temp Record – 109 F/42.7 C”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    They left it to the last, but they did say the words “climate change”.

    BTW, they did also mention that two French nuclear power plants had to shut down because of the heat.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    109 degrees in PARIS? Hard to believe. It’s time to trot this tidbit out yet again to remind everyone of how far away we are from ever dealing with climate change. And yes those are BILLIONS of AC units they’re talking about. 11/18/18

    “Increasing demand for home air conditioning driven by global warming, population growth and rising incomes in developing countries could increase the planet’s temperatures an additional half a degree Celsius by the end of the century, according to a new report by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

    “The demand is growing so fast that a “radical change” in home-cooling technology will be necessary to neutralize its impact, writes RMI, an energy innovation and sustainability organization.

    “Approximately 1.2 billion window-mounted air conditioning units and other small-scale, room-cooling devices are currently in use worldwide. By 2050, the figure is expected to increase to 4.5 billion, according to RMI. (With window units set to more than triple by 2050)

    “Comfort cooling represents one of the largest end-use risks to our climate, and the residential sector alone is set to account for an over 0.5ยบ C increase in global temperatures by 2100. A warming planet, rapid urbanization, growing population, and rising incomes are driving up the global demand for air conditioning, and under a business-as-usual growth trajectory, the number of room air conditioner (RAC) units in service is estimated to increase from 1.2 billion units today to 4.5 billion units by 2050. Much of this growth comes from emerging economies, which will see a five-times (5X) increase in the number of RACs between now and 2050”

  3. If some had told me two weeks ago this would happen I would have said impossible. There was an expert in my country who siad this is even fysically impossible. Now things are different. The impossible is something that did not happened yet. In Lingen, a smal town in Germany, just 30 km away from were I live, the maximum was 42.6 degree Celsius! Never seen before.

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