New Genre: Climate Crisis Cat Videos

July 14, 2019

I’m inaugurating a new genre of YouTube memes.

While I caution my catastrophist friends (get it?) that we are not looking at imminent human extinction, there are enough climate disasters in the pipeline to supply us with many decades of fascinating youtube videos.


When the Camp Fire tore through Paradise, California in November 2018, many pet owners lost track of their beloved pets. Thankfully, many of these owners reunited with their pets in the days after the fire was contained. But unfortunately, Courtney Werblow and her family weren’t this lucky. Weeks passed, and the Werblows didn’t hear anything about their cat Timber….

3 Responses to “New Genre: Climate Crisis Cat Videos”

  1. My favorite cat video (not climate-related, but it does show exactly what our cat would do for us in that situation).

  2. After Paradies burned like dry cinder timber, a cat named timber survived…

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