Music Break: The Beatles – Rain

July 4, 2019

When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads

They might as well be dead.

5 Responses to “Music Break: The Beatles – Rain”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Wow a forgotten oldie from the innocent times of 1966 (B-side of Paperback writer) – many thanks for this one – not heard it since I was a teenager. Beatles at their best.

  2. wiscbirch Says:

    Perhaps my favorite Beatles song.

  3. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    I only brought albums, pretty sure this wasn’t on any album. Mind you the Beatles did that, not put B sides on albums.

  4. Lionel Smith Says:

    About the same time that The Stones were thumping out their ‘Paint it Black’ against the background of the Vietnam War ‘Paint it Black’.

    Remember it well pumping out of the Jukebox at a local whilst imbibing pints of scrumpy in off duty hours from a Royal Naval fighter training squadron in what was a hot summer.

    The Stones lost talent with the death of Brian Jones

  5. Lionel Smith Says:

    One from a little earlier, a more innocent period, on the topic of ‘rain’.

    Heard this many a time still brings memories of that teenage angst when one felt the first pangs of being in love. Silly ol’ es oh dee I am:

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