Donald Trump’s War on Coal

July 4, 2019

Republicans under the thrall of the fossil fuel industry long ago forgot that markets matter, and better technology eventually wins.

One of the nation’s largest coal producers with mines in Eastern Kentucky filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, making it the second large coal company to do so in the past two weeks. 

Revelation Energy LLC., and its affiliate Blackjewel LLC., West Virginia-based companies that employ about 1,100 people in their Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia mines, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern District of West Virginia, according to court documents.

The companies also employ an additional 600 workers in Wyoming mines, making them one of the nation’s largest coal producers

Charles Raleigh, mayor of Cumberland in Harlan County, said he heard from at least two Revelation coal miners that the company shut down its mines near Cumberland.

This week the Energy Information Administration reported that renewable energy was for the first time producing more energy than coal.

Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming):

Two coal mines in Wyoming closed and sent 700 workers home Monday afternoon after their owner filed for bankruptcy, the latest blow to a region that has been battered by an economic downturn in the fossil fuel sector.

Blackjewel LLC, which operates Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines near Gillette, sent the workers home after a bank denied the company $20 million in financing to continue operations during bankruptcy proceedings, CEO Jeffery Hoops said.

Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr are the fourth- and sixth-largest producing coal mines in the country. The sudden closure hearkens back to March 2016, when two nearby mines laid off more than 460 workers, touching off economic shock waves that are still being felt in the Powder River Basin today.

9 Responses to “Donald Trump’s War on Coal”

  1. Jeffery Green Says:

    I don’t see anything in the article that says there is a war on coal by DJT. At the beginning of no. 45, there were all kinds of articles showing coal was on its way out.
    So its a promise not kept by Trumpty Dumpty.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Re: the video clip—1) my stomach was once again turned by the extreme narcissism displayed by the perfection of the fake hairdo concocted by our fake president as he struts, 2) I was struck by the vacant eyes and uniformly zombie-like appearance of the “supporters” arrayed behind the fake president, as well as their programmed responses to his moronic comments.

    (and does JG understand sarcasm?)

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    But the wind turbines gave me herpes!

  4. chucksterweb Says:

    There is no war on coal. It is dying a slow natural death.

  5. chucksterweb Says:

    Coal is dead. Not today but it’s future is certain.
    Oil is now our main fossil fuel enemy and electric powered transportation is our only possible salvation from that scourge. I’m not talking about electric cars or even buses. I’m talking about a complete transformation about the built “Human” environment around walk-ability and fossil free mass transit.
    Most of all it’s about our need as a species to just slow the hell down.
    Case in point; transcontinental air travel.
    The Hindenburg disaster pretty much ended dirigibles as a way to get from Europe to America way back in the 1930’s. But the Hindenburg was filled with explosive hydrogen instead of the inert helium it was supposed to hold. There is a history behind that that I don’t need to go into.
    Dirigibles can easily be built that will be much safer and faster than the ones we had almost 100 years ago. But how fast do we even really need to go? Take two days to get from New York City to London England or Paris France! Enjoy the ride.
    Sure you could get there on a commercial air flight in about 8 hours but who needs the jet lag?
    Dirigibles could and should be entirely solar powered, pollution free and numerous.

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