Credible Threat: Militia Groups Become the Armed Wing for Climate Deniers

June 22, 2019

“Republican voters”

What they can’t win by suppressing voting and gerrymandering, the fossil fuel industry will take by force. It’s a sign that they know they’re losing, but also more evidence for who they really are.

Not a coincidence that while Putin cultivates neo-Nazi groups around the world, Donald Trump, the Koch Brothers, and the science denying Republican Party cultivate equally obnoxious allies.

Oregon is an ongoing case study.

Republican legislators have threatened to kill law officers if they are sent to escort them to the Capitol to do their jobs.

Williamette Week:

Oregon Senate Democrats hastily cancelled a planned Saturday floor session late Friday afternoon, citing reports that right-wing militia members were planning to rally at the Capitol.

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-Portland) posted on social media a text message from Senate leadership, stating that the Saturday session was cancelled.

“The State Police Superintendent just informed the Senate President of a credible threat from militia groups coming to the Capitol tomorrow,” the message says. “The Superintendent strongly recommends that no one come to the Capitol and President [Peter] Courtney heeded that advice minutes ago.”

Courtney’s office confirmed to WW that police had informed him of a threat.

“The Oregon State Police have advised us that there might be a militia threat tomorrow, so the Capitol building will be closed,” said Carol Alice McCurrie, Courtney’s communications director. “We don’t have any details beyond that one.”

The cancellation comes on the heels of right-wing militia members offering armed protection to Republican Senators who have denied Democrats a quorum by disappearing, probably across the Oregon border into Idaho.

Republicans left the Capitol on Wednesday, trying to block the passage of a cap on carbon emissions. Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) implied that he would shoot and kill any Oregon State Police officer sent by the governor to retrieve him.

That outburst seemed to embolden right-wing militia groups, which pledged Thursday to protect the Senate Republicans while they fled the Capitol. Those groups included members of the Three Percenters, an anti-government militia.

Senate Republicans repudiated that offer Friday morning.

It was not immediately clear this afternoon what rally was considered “a credible threat.” Freelance journalist Dick Hughes reported from Salem that the Marion County Republicans planned to occupy the Capitol building Saturday.

Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) and House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) issued a late Friday afternoon statement condemning Boquist’s remarks.

“Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day in the name of protecting Oregonians and should never be subject to these kinds of threats, let alone from a public official,” Kotek and Courtney wrote. “His comments have created fear among employees in our workplace. We will always defend free speech and welcome frank policy discussions, but threats like these are unacceptable.”

Steiner Hayward went further, and blamed Boquist for stoking fringe elements.

“Not only have they broken their oath of office,” she said on Twitter, “their member’s threat of violence has instigated others to threaten us for trying to do our jobs & serve Oregonians.”

Steiner Hayward has since deleted her tweet.

The response of the Oregon Republican Party’s officials Twitter feed to the session cancellation was scornful: “Oregon senate Democrats canceled their weekend session citing a fear that Republican voters may show up.”

See Republican voters above.

11 Responses to “Credible Threat: Militia Groups Become the Armed Wing for Climate Deniers”

  1. John Kane Says:

    This is sounding a bit like the Weimar Republic.

    • Earl Mardle Says:

      Exactly. If they can close down the government for a day, they can close it down permanently with the same threats. Keeping an eye out for the latter stages of the fragmentation and collapse of the “United” part of the USA.

    • kookaburra2 Says:

      “Oath Keepers” ????

      An appropriate placard in response could be “Truth Seeker”

    • doldrom Says:

      It’s Americans that are on the borders of Russia; there are no Russians patrolling along the borders of the USA. Have the Russians ever invaded the USA? No, but the USA has been to Russia (General Grave), which has been invaded 3× by the West.
      Trump and his enemies have a common theme, which is portraying America as the victim of the rest of the world. A very dangerous development, because America is in fact the aggressor and not the victim. This type of thinking can only lead to more bullying and possible nuclear mishaps.

      • Please apply the distinction between USA and America consistently.
        USA is not America. America is more than the USA.

      • I do agree with substance of your comment, USA is oblivious of Russian sensibilities in regard to its security and the historical reasons for it. USA also exercises blatant double standards in how it behaves compared with what it demands of others.

  2. doldrom Says:

    “Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day”

    We like to repeat this rhetorically, but literally, policeman does not even make it into the top ten of dangerous jobs.

  3. jerrydogood Says:

    This comes from using to much crack cocaine on a regular basis. The rioters are the left who are trying to bring down our country and turn it into the USSR. You can count the right militia groups almost on one hand in total. Why not stop inventing boogeymen and start offering real solutions to Americas problem?

  4. jerrydogood Says:

    14 guys can shut the government down? What coolaid have you folks been drinking? The governor knew he could not get the bill passed so latched onto a boogeyman to blame it on so he can keep the votes, bribe money and power coming his way.

    There is a lot that needs to be fixed in the state, climate is not one of those things.

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