India’s Brutal Heat Sparks Water Violence

June 10, 2019

The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed. – William Gibson


Police were tasked with guarding water tankers and water sources in Madhya Pradesh state in central India, the Times of India reported on Saturday, following clashes over water in the state and other parts of the country.

Temperatures in India reached 50.3 degrees Celsius (122.54 Fahrenheit) last week, nearing the record high of 51 degrees Celsius set in 2016. Authorities have been distributing water to areas most affected by the heat wave, but the scarcity of water has prompted fights and stabbings at relief points.

At least six people were stabbed by a man near Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, on Friday. There was a fight with a man from a neighboring village who was filling barrels of water from a tanker, according to a report on NDTV. A man died in a similar fight on the same day in southern Tamil Nadu state. Two men were seriously injured in a fight over water in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday and a tanker truck driver was beaten up in the same state a day earlier.

Commenting on the decision to deploy police in Madhya Pradesh, the state’s home minister, Bala Bachchan, said police would only guard tankers at “sensitive places” where flare-ups were possible.

“This doesn’t happen everywhere,” he said. “I have asked officials to be alert.”

Media in the same state also reported that a group of monkeys died of heatstroke in the Joshi Baba forest and that tigers have been moving out of the wild into villages, searching for water.

Some parts of India gained relief from the heat after annual monsoon rains reached the south of the subcontinent, over a week later than expected.

3 Responses to “India’s Brutal Heat Sparks Water Violence”

  1. redskylite Says:

    This is conflict among people of the same citizenship in the same boat. Just imagine the potential violence between people in different countries, fighting for the same resource. Pity humans have never mastered cooperation and working together in peace for the common good.

    Maybe it is the way we have evolved, anything else is a poppy dream.

    The U.N is the best we have, but it’s mainly every man for himself when the chips are down. Is it too late to change ?

    Climate wars? Major India-Pakistan conflict predicted over ownership of water
    A team of Bengaluru-based glaciologists have prepared a scientific brief to alert central policy-makers that immediate and advance measures have to be taken to avert a situation.

    • redskylite Says:

      Not only humans too . . .

      Fifteen monkeys ‘kill each other after becoming desperate for water during heatwave’

      ‘This is rare and strange as herbivores don’t indulge in such conflicts.’

      • jimbills Says:

        The monkeys article – interesting.

        The other article is poorly written and has a fatal flaw. It’s using the IPCC 8.5 scenario. I’m as skeptical as they come as far as the world’s ability to switch away from high emissions, but even I think the 8.5 scenario is never going to happen.

        The problem there will partially be climate change melting glaciers. But probably more than that will be increased water use plus pollution, and then anyone downriver gets the short end – the article just talks about a climate scenario using RCP 8.5.

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