Could Bringing Mammoths Back Slow Climate Change?

May 25, 2019

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Cool idea, but better to stop emitting.

4 Responses to “Could Bringing Mammoths Back Slow Climate Change?”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Hmm. I thought the soundtrack to the video was appropriate.

    My take on the mammoth and ‘de-extinction’ thing is that scientists are wanting to show how amazing they are and are looking for a really good external reason to point to instead of just their ego and the accolades they’ll receive for achieving it. I’m pretty sure we’ll see a recreated mammoth at some point. I doubt we’ll see vast herds of them released in the Arctic.

    Here is a recent bit of permafrost news:

    And some economists with glazed expressions:

  2. doldrom Says:

    Don’t forget everyone is competing for the same grants and funds.

    • jimbills Says:


      To be clear, Jason Box freezing his arse off in Greenland is not the same as this guy futzing in a lab creating a bunch of genetic horrors until he can be the first to claim a de-extinction species. Not all scientists are the same personality. Some are truly wanting to study and contribute to fields for more altruistic reasons, and some are wanting to be the person everyone praises.

      The mammoth died off for two reasons – climate change being the largest, and possibly humans being the second cause. Both of those conditions exist in abundance at this point in time. The idea that we’re going to seed the Arctic with herds of them is simply a rationalization for a guy wanting to get some kudos for his gene-splicing wizardry.

      Even when he’s trying to deflect the story from his ego, the story only gets better for him – not only will he re-create a poor animal that went extinct, but he’ll save the entire planet by preventing permafrost melt!

      The fall back position in the video is okay, maybe this won’t happen, it is a little far fetched, but we could save species by splicing their genes to create new and better adapted species. But it’s mostly rationalization.

      We just have a bunch of people rushing to create AI systems, to clone humans, to futz with genes when we have no real idea of what will happen from it, and so on. We have plenty of warning signs about these technologies, yet we plow on. We tell ourselves these things can’t be stopped – they will happen no matter what. But what is the driving force behind them except human pride, competition, and monetary gain? It boils down to a bunch of people racing against each other to be the one at the podium and/or to be wealthy. Ego. We can’t help ourselves.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Must be a slow day at Greenman Studios if this is the cool idea for today.

    Simply put, this is the largest pile of elephant manure that anyone has ever piled up. The biological equivalent of that magnificent breakthrough in physics—-Solar Roadway.

    It’s not even worth explaining why, and it’s a shame that so-called “scientists” are given $$$$ to waste on crap like this when there are so many more pressing needs.

    And not to get into personal stuff, but I had the same reaction to this guy’s beard and demeanor that I have to Trump and his hair—-#%*&@* narcissistic and egomaniacal self indulgence. Glad I’m not likely to ever meet the man—it wouldn’t go well.

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