Bill Maher: Dem Candidate Tim Ryan on the Aspirational Economy

May 12, 2019

Harness the free market to combat climate change and create jobs.

Tim Ryan is a congressman from hard-hit and electorally important Ohio.

Gotta say, Bill is getting more annoying in his interruptions of guests who have something important to say.

6 Responses to “Bill Maher: Dem Candidate Tim Ryan on the Aspirational Economy”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Maher by good nature is a self-absorbed pea- rick, but then that may be why he has his show.

    Good to hear from Tim Ryan. I hear the name Ryan, and shudder with disgust thinking of Paul. He’s absolutely right that the Democratic nominee needs to be able to speak to the middle of the country, and that they are hurting economically despite the GDP and unemployment figures. He comes across as much more earnest to me than Biden on that score.

    I fundamentally disagree with the free market being any kind of real solution to our environmental issues, but I’d take him over Trump if I had to.

    • jimbills Says:

      first sentence: ‘good’ should be ‘his’.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      I fundamentally disagree with the free market being any kind of real solution to our environmental issues, but I’d take him over Trump if I had to.

      You can’t get it done without market forces. Hard tech startups are already falling all over themselves trying to come up with battery storage solutions, and the venture capitalists are what pay for the R&D to get a piece of the action. Convince homeowners that solar panels will save them money, and don’t rely on sacrificial altruism. Businesses are willing to pony up the dough if something will lower costs, and those that don’t will be left behind their competitors.

      Government policies which make use of market forces are more successful. A cap-and-trade market addressed the (admittedly much smaller) acid rain problem in a way that simple fiat could not.

      In any case, Step One is stop fucking subsidizing fossil fuel development and production.

      • jimbills Says:

        The full response to that is too long and exhausting for here – exponential growth, overshoot, blah blah, no one is listening, or cares.

        But, as to whether the free market (or market forces, as you say, not exactly the same thing) is the only answer on the table by the majority and powered interests, then sure, it’s the only one. Let’s build solar panels and bring jobs to America! Woot woot!

        I say that half sarcastically. I’m realistic enough to take whatever crumbs we can get as to cleaner energy. We have seen solar power rise to almost 2% of the total in the U.S. in the last four decades under the free market, after all. I just don’t think the market is a real solution as to the overall problem, especially in the time required to avoid major warming and multiple other environmental issues. It’ll really require major government interference in market forces to limit warming to 3+ degrees, as we see in China and some European countries with their government-led programs, and even then it’s decades away from realization, runs into multiple issues on the way, and eventually faces the overall conundrum of growth. My bet is we’ll watch the market and its forces burn us to the ground in due time, but yes, it’s the only answer on the table.

  2. Peter Mizla Says:

    Ryan and many Democrats today eerily remind me of Dems from the 1920s. ‘Business friendly’ ‘market friendly’ which pretty much mirrored Coolidge’s ‘The Business of America- is Business’. Call-it ‘neo-liberalism’ Business/market fundamentalism’- Democrats have pretty much followed the GOP over the last 40 years on the premise is that ‘markets will solve ALL our problems.

    Ryan remains very much out of touch with the ground that is beginning to shift rapidly beneath him.

    When the economy crashed in October 1929 after decades of growing wealth inequality and no safety nets, the belief was the ‘markets’ where ‘sacred’, so hopes of recovery where based on the solutions that created the problem!

    This echo from nearly 90 years ago rings true of today. The climate crises will become worse, where the governments role will be larger then if something had been done 20 years ago. Ryan and many other democrats are living in this ‘past’. In order to save the markets draconian government intervention will be needed.

    In 1932 many conservative democrats tried to stop FDR- whom they called a ‘socialist’. History repeats itself in many ways.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    “Gotta say, Bill is getting more annoying in his interruptions of guests who have something important to say”—-Bill’s ego certainly doesn’t keep him from “interrupting”, but I got the feeling that maybe it was a bit of a setup—-that Bill was being “difficult” so that Ryan could show he was capable of fighting back. I was more bothered by Ryan’s wearing brown shoes with his dark blue suit and his odd looking and oddly placed tie clip.

    And “market forces’ are NOT going to save us, but will only distract us and make the eventual AGW catastrophe even worse. The big money is NOT interested in combating climate change—-they’re too busy wringing the last bit of profit out of COAL and prolonging the life of fossil fuels. The FIRE side of the economy is busy producing nothing but profits on paper for the 1% and is leading us into another collapse like 2008. The greedy rich are driving the whole thing.

    Steven Pearlstein, financial column writer for the WashPost and author of the terrific book CAN AMERICAN CAPITALISM SURVIVE? (St. Martin’s Press, 2018), said in a recent column about the Fed’s failure to raise interest rates:

    “A stock market levitating at record levels as a result of artificially low interest rates, record levels of corporate indebtedness and stock buybacks, an orgy of richly priced mergers and initial public offerings, and a trillion dollar federal budget deficit at a time of full employment”.

    Another bubble is building, folks, and it’s NOT forming in the green energy area of the economy.

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