Trailer: Cat 5 ‘Cane is Setting for “Crawl”

May 3, 2019

20 Responses to “Trailer: Cat 5 ‘Cane is Setting for “Crawl””

  1. mtpccl Says:

    What–a Cat 5 ‘cane isn’t scary enough? Or dealing with other emergencies is that much harder during a Cat 5 ‘cane?

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    Well I just had a squirrel in my bathroom through the vent and it wasn’t even snowing so I’ll likely find a moose in the bathroom if there’s a hurricane.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Because you are obviously an animal lover (since you allow squirrels to live in your bathroom) the Department of the Interior has declared your backyard a temporary refuge for bison who have been displaced by the recent flooding in the upper midwest.

      A truck will be arriving around the middle of next week—-please have adequate food and water on hand for 20 bison of mixed sizes and ages. If any illegal immigrants are found hiding in the truck, feed them as well.

  3. jimbills Says:

    It’s always us and our fear of nature. Nature should fear us.

    • redskylite Says:

      Got a horrible feeling that’s what the dinosaurs were thinking . .

      6 Signs Of Hope For The Ocean

      Now, governments and industries are joining forces for ocean solutions. New approaches to the ocean are allowing production and protection to operate together. Here are just a few recent positive developments:

      • dumboldguy Says:

        More bright-sidedness and hopium from cleantechnica—-6 small “maybe some day if perhaps” that will not make a noticeable dent in the problem. I guess it’s time to remind everyone who hasn’t done so to read the bestseller from 10 years ago that so plainly explained why so much of the “good news” is simply BS.

        BRIGHTSIDED: HOW POSITIVE THINKING IS UNDERMINING AMERICA, by Barbara Ehrenreich, Metropolitan-Holt, 2009

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      Nature does not fear us, nature doesn’t give a damn about us. If we keep irritating her she will remove the irritant and solve the AGW problem herself.

      • jimbills Says:

        “Nature does not fear us”

        Oh, I know.

        It’s just irritating to me to see this sort of ‘man vs. nature’ story line. It’s the big scary monster animals versus the plucky humans. This one has a devoted daughter defending her dad in their basement (clever, because that means the scary animals are trespassing, too). Property rights! (gunfire)

        Meanwhile, we’re slaughtering whole species. The score is a bit uneven thus far.

        This sort of theme serves to increase the disconnect between man and nature in our culture. Nature is the terrorizing presence, and man must defeat it.

        • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

          Thumb uppy!

        • dumboldguy Says:

          I don’t quite see the plot here—hurricane causes alligator invasion? What about snakes and rabid muskrats? Pure BS and entertainment only for the easily entertained. The real terror will begin when CAT 5 becomes everyday weather and EVERYTHING dies.

          I myself would like to see a sequel to The Blob instead—-the plot—global warming causes it to thaw out in its Arctic burial ground, it has mutated so that it thrives on the methane coming from the melting permafrost and quickly grows to miles in diameter, and rolls down and devours everything in its path, including Steve McQueen’s corpse.

  4. redskylite Says:

    Maybe we are taking nature for granted when we should not

    Nature loss: Report to show scale of ‘silent crisis’

    This study will underline just how much humanity relies on the natural world, whether it is for food, clean water, or to absorb the warming CO2 gas that’s driving climate change.

    It is expected to show, in grim detail, how humans have trampled all over the natural world over the past 50 years – and what is likely to happen over the coming decades unless major changes are implemented.

    Taken together the increasing speed of rising temperatures and species is the gradual but accelerating species extinction, which, in combination with climate change, produces a worldwide “bio-climatic crisis.”
    . . . . .

    • jimbills Says:

      The report just came out. This is major news, or should be:

      • dumboldguy Says:

        It may be “major” in that it comes in a “lump”, but it is certainly not NEW news, as it has been coming out in bits and pieces over recent years with the publishing of various studies on various facets of the problem.

        Whole books too—-THE SIXTH EXTINCTION by Elizabeth Kolbert came out five years ago, HALF EARTH: OUR PLANET’S FIGHT FOR LIFE, by E.O.Wilson, came out three years ago—-both spoke to the same things as this report that “just came out”.

        Go to the Center for Biological Diversity website and check out this list of references —-all of them are at least TEN years old.

        Saying that “maybe we are taking nature for granted” is a milepost we passed long ago—the “bio-climatic crisis” is now upon us in full fury.

        • jimbills Says:

          Major in that it’s the first of its kind – a sort of IPCC report in regards to species loss, compiling the thoughts of hundreds of scientists on the subject.

          • jimbills Says:

            And, of course, it’s been replaced in the headlines in short order. Today was the birth of Harry and Meghan’s son! How’s that for irony? The birth of one more human is a more worthy headline than a landmark report on how too many humans are destroying the Earth’s biosphere.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Just more evidence of why the human species does not deserve to survive.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Understood—-let’s hope that it gets more attention and provokes more action than the other reports. IMO, it’s going to be another Ho-Hum event.

          • jimbills Says:

            So, it’s a few hours later. The headline of the report has been usurped on every U.S. major news website: MSNBC, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News. It doesn’t appear on any of those sites top 20 or so headlines. A story about a misplaced coffee cup in the last ‘Game of Thrones’ has been there all day on most of them.

            I don’t watch live news. Has it appeared there?

            It’s still on the New York Times front page fairly prominently, and has the most comments of the leading stories for the day by far. You have to scroll down a ways on the Washington Post to the ‘Health & Science’ section to find it there.

            Here’s a comment from ‘A Science Guy’ in the New York Times:

            ‘Scientists, including myself, have long ago passed the seven stages of grief over this and have reached acceptance. The warnings were stated, oh, around fifty years ago and have been ignored, ignored, and finally ignored. We are currently in the last few decades of a ‘recognizable’ Earth…a pre-post apocalyptic world, if you will. The Earth will begin to recover once the human population is ‘corrected’ downward to fewer than 2-3 billion, following what is likely to be a century of horrific population loss due to environmental collapse, disease, war, and famine. Sure… you can vote Democratic, in this country at least, since they care a little about the environment. Tragically, all real solutions will be drowned out by that abominable catch-all: “It’s all about the economy, stupid.”

            …Oh my! how stupid of me to think it’s not.’

            My comment – this is history being made right now, folks, a moment that will be looked back at with bafflement in the coming decades, and we care more today about royal babies, Trump’s tax returns, and fantasy fiction.

          • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

            Cartoon by Pat Cappatte (?).
            You people don’t appreciate the short term cost of saving the planet.

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