Colbert on Trump and Wind Turbines

April 4, 2019

Long monologue, – get some coffee, or skip to 8:40 if you’re pressed.

Comedians having a good time with this.
Clearly the coal industry is terrified of wind power, now the cheapest form of new electricity in the US.

As far as the actual news from rural America wind country, see here.

5 Responses to “Colbert on Trump and Wind Turbines”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Here the development of energy costs over the last ten years (from the same study above):

  2. jfon Says:

    Dunno about wind turbine noise, but traffic noise does.
    ‘For each 10 dB increase in 24-year mean noise levels at their residence, we found a statistically significant 10% (hazard ratio and 95% confidence interval 1.10; 1.00–1.20) increase in total breast cancer incidence and a 17% (1.17; 1.02–1.33) increase in analyses based on 611 breast cancer cases with complete ER and PR information….Conclusion –
    Long-term exposure to road traffic noise may increase risk of ER+ breast cancer.’

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Can’t just say that. It’s the old correlation/causation argument here. Was the increase in traffic also accompanied by an increase in air pollution, deposition of toxic dust from rubber tires, brake pads, and asphalt? Were they ruled out?

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