Reposting: Trump’s Latest “Climate Expert” is a Well Known Fraud

March 13, 2019

Lots of media fun this week with the viral clip of Patrick Moore, who has made a living for decades as the self described “Founder of Greenpeace”, (not) going around shilling for every hideous pollution spewing mine, mountain removal, or tarsands mega project.

I met the guy once at a conference in Northern Michigan, and have to say I was surprised, (well, maybe not) that, other than a practiced ability to recite talking points, he didn’t seem to have much on the ball.  About as much charisma as you see in the clip above – where he gets called out after claiming one could safely drink a glass of glyphosate, the pesticide also known as “Roundup”.


In an interview with the French television station Canal Plus, an advocate for genetically modified foods said Roundup, a weedkiller that is manufactured by chemical giant Monsanto, is safe for human consumption but refused to drink the herbicide when offered a glass by an interviewer.

Patrick Moore says he leads a campaign in support of “golden rice,” a genetically modified grain that contains high amounts of vitamin A. In the interview, which Moore says he believed would focus on “golden rice,” he says the active ingredient in the herbicide, glyphosate, is not causing cancer rates in Argentina to increase.


Serendipitously, Mr Moore has also penned a recent piece for the The Province, a Vancouver paper, extolling the virtues of carbon dioxide where he writes:

The story goes that as CO2 increases in the atmosphere the oceans will absorb more of it and this will cause them to become acidic; well not exactly, but at least to become less basic. This in turn is predicted to dissolve the coral reefs and kill the oysters, clams, mussels and microscopic algae that have calcareous shells. It was named “global warming’s evil twin.”

It is also a fact that greenhouse growers around the world purposefully inject CO² into their greenhouses to increase the growth of flowers and food up to 80 per cent. That is because CO2 in the atmosphere today is so low that plants are starved for it. Plant growth continues to increase in an atmosphere up to four to five times the current level of 400 parts per million. Yet we are told that CO2 is too high and we will suffer for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. We should celebrate CO2 as the giver of life it is.

Not clear who put Mr Moore up to the Op-Ed above, but what we know is that a few weeks before, the paper had carried the awkward-for-the-co2-is-life-crowd headline below.

provinceThe Province:

Despite insatiable demand, many are concerned B.C.’s once-thriving shellfish industry could be sinking.

“I’d say it’s full-scale panic mode (for scallop farmers),” said Rob Saunders, CEO of Qualicum Beach-based Island Scallops.

The company has seen its scallop death rates rise to nearly 95 per cent since 2010, leading to millions of dollars in losses. Ocean acidification — a worldwide problem — is likely to blame.

Saunders said the company’s hatcheries, which produce scallop, oyster, prawn and sea urchin “seeds,” have also had trouble with increased deaths. In order to grow, the B.C. industry must double its seed production.

“Everyone is desperately trying to understand what’s going on and what can be done,” he said.

Other B.C. shellfish growers, like Denman Island oyster farmers Greg Wood and his wife Hollie, have found themselves “going year by year to see if we can make it.”

Wood blames oyster mortality rates on rising ocean temperatures, which cause more parasites and bacteria to grow.

“The problems are extreme,” he said. “We’re being attacked from all angles.”

The possibility of a coal mine a few kilometres from Baynes Sound, where 50 per cent of B.C.’s shellfish are grown, is a major concern.

As good a place as any for this great new video on ocean acidification from Grist:

5 Responses to “Reposting: Trump’s Latest “Climate Expert” is a Well Known Fraud”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I might take a bet to drink straight glyphosate, but not the glyphosate+surfactant combination that is Roundup. Drinking surfactant is guaranteed to make you toss your cookies.

  2. sailrick Says:

    “That is because CO2 in the atmosphere today is so low that plants are starved for it.”

    Plants did just fine for the previous 800,000 years with CO2 never over 300ppm
    And they did fine for the last 11,000 years with CO2 never over 280ppm
    CO2 is seldom the limiting factor in plant health and growth.

    “growers around the world purposefully inject CO² into their greenhouses to increase the growth of flowers and food up to 80 per cent. ”


    increased CO2 causes crop plants to have less nutrients.

    “Repeated experimental data (ex. the FACE experiments) show that increased CO2 levels have adverse consequences on food quality. Photosynthetic activity does increase, but the protein and iron content of major crops such as wheat, rice, and barley drop by 5 to 15% under elevated CO2 conditions (viz., levels expected in year 2100).

    The reason seems to be that increased CO2, despite increasing overall photosynthetic activity and thus plant size, robs certain plants (i.e. C3 plants) of their ability to process nitrogen, which is required to convert carbon to protein. Moreover, additional application of nitrogen to the plant (ex. through fertilizer) does not appear to ameliorate this.”

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Shhhh! Plants grow better with more CO2, period!!!! (and Fox News agrees)

      A long but absolutely mind-blowing interview with Patrick Michaels, especially towards the end—-the denier manifesto in a nutshell.

      Don’t try to distract us from one of the deniers’ few remaining “arguments” by bringing up the truth about how increased CO2 over the past couple hundred years is interfering with processes that took 100’s of millions of years to evolve. And thereby threatening the world’s food supply. No big deal to the denier whores who want to see us keep burning fossil fuels so their paychecks continue.

      Patrick Moore IS an idiot and a whore, just like Happer. Singer, Spencer, Monckton, Michaels, and the head CO2 whores, Idso and sons. One good sign is that there doesn’t seem to be a group of younger whores lined up to replace them when they pass (or are sent to the dementia ward where most already should be).

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