Katharine Hayhoe: Talk About It

March 9, 2019

As usual, worth watching how Dr. Hayhoe handles the climate discussion.

8 Responses to “Katharine Hayhoe: Talk About It”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Video not available in Oz. Suggestions?

  2. redskylite Says:

    Excellent interview and glad to see discussion of why the straight forward science has become so painfully political, when it should be divorced from politics.

    More light on the reasons for mankind’s dumb reluctance to accept the science discussed in this following article.

    “These cognitive biases evolved for good reason. But they’re now hamstringing our ability to respond to what could be the largest crisis humanity has ever created or had to face.”


  3. indy222 Says:

    Following human nature and its genetically programmed desire for growth means that we will continue to grow as fast as we can, and only climate crippling and environmental degradation’s effects on the ability to grow food and afford it, will stand in our way. I get depressed hearing these memes that we can have our economic growth and a wonderful planet too. Even anemic (by Wall Street’s complaining) 2% annual growth, instituted world wide (of course worldwide it is higher. China alone is more like 5-6%) means we DOUBLE every bit of civilization in just 35 years. That means double the roads, buildings, commandeering of forest land for crops that now will not grow so well in a hotter climate…. Yes yes it’s all said with good intentions, to neuter the Republican mindset. But you’re not neutering it, you’re buying in to it. The science actually says we need massive scale-BACK in our footprint on the planet. Even 50% decarbonization per 50 years (so far we’re not doing nothing, globally in the 21st century) leads to continually rising atmospheric CO2, and more so with the tripping point feedbacks. We need to decommission perfectly working FF power and substitute renewables, institute population controls, and severe limits on energy use under legal penalty, if we’re to have any hope. That, or massive deployment of carbon capture from the atmosphere on a tons/year scale never before seen for any global manufacturing. We need to cut energy use AND decarbonize, and I see no one wanting to talk about that (perhaps because it’s impossible?).

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      I get depressed hearing these memes that we can have our economic growth and a wonderful planet too.

      It depends on what you call economic growth. Standardization (e.g., container ships vs. crate/barrel/pallette shipping), improved agriculture (e.g., pests no longer eat 20% of harvested grain), greater retail efficiency (SKUs and inventory databases), advanced logistics (e.g., scheduling flights to optimize capacity) and adaptive control software are ways to get more bang out of any economic buck.

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    Yep but replace “human nature” with “Life”. Following on their recent success with getting a poet & author to lie to us big time about effects of contrails on GMST my formerly-OK CBC (Canada) show Quirks & Quarks just gave time to an Australian entrepreneur engineer whose terrific chemical process doubtless awaiting patents for royalties will allow atmospheric CO2 to be (wait for it …. I’m not making this up, stop whining about my hopeless jokes all the time, this actually happened, you can hear it on podcast, stop calling me a liar) converted into coal and buried in the ground (the word “coal” as the end product was used at least twice). Our host Bob McDonald (an affable but quite dense chap who has this great gig) actually did ask whether future humans could in fact dig up the synthetic coal made from CO2 and burn it again (presumably, and so on). Finally Bob asked the only question we were waiting for “How much energy will this need” and the Aussie replied “Renewable energy will be used…..” and our affable host Bob glossed over the reply of “Piss off, I’m not telling you that” and proceeded happily with more fun babbling questions. Ain’t humans entertaining.

  5. J4Zonian Says:

    4:40 in the video

    Marduk save anything that’s “just” an environmental issue. It’s not like we depend on nature, or ecosystems, or the biosphere, or the “environment” for anything important. You know, it’s just where we get pandas from for the zoo, and have picnics near (not in, that would be scary and yucky.) Sit at a table for your burgers on white buns and ignore nature from a safe distance.

    5:08 More personal actions that will have no effect on climate change. Talk about it, maybe–IF you already know enough not to reinforce the denial of people you talk to. #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 most important things to do: ORGANIZE to take political power from the corporate duopoly and put it and keep it in the hands of progressives who will act rationally on this and other issues.

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