Powerful Bomb Cyclone Winding up in Midwest

February 23, 2019



A powerful storm, more typical of March, will cause winds to howl and may knock down trees, cut power and lead to travel problems from the Plains to the Midwest and Northeast this weekend.

For some, it may seem more like an inland hurricane, rather than a winter storm.

Gusts, in most cases, will fall short of that of a hurricane and fall within the range of 40-60 mph.

However, a few gusts may reach hurricane force, or 74 mph, over open areas of the Great Plains, along the shores of the Great Lakes and the ridges in the central Appalachians.

2 Responses to “Powerful Bomb Cyclone Winding up in Midwest”

  1. Keith McClary Says:

    “Airplanes often receive a speed increase from air currents high in the skies, but very few get an insane boost like this: helped by a tailwind of more than 322 km (200 miles) per hour, a Boeing 787-9 jet reached a ground speed of 1,289 km (801 miles) per hour on Monday night.

    The top speed was recorded by the Virgin Atlantic commercial flight from LA to London while over central Pennsylvania, at somewhere around 10,670 metres (35,000 feet) above ground.

    Thanks to the jet stream buffer, the flight landed at London Heathrow 48 minutes early.”


    Heading west they could run out of gas just standing still against that wind.

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    50 km north of the strong wind region at Georgian Bay. I’m recently retired so no work commute. Hydro out Saturday night to 1 pm Sunday (I’m rural, it’s ordinary). Shovelled snow in the rain till 3 pm when it switched instantly to snow with no break, shovelled snow in the snow till 7 pm with the last 2 hours being a small blizzard. The plough will pass tonight so there’ll be 5 tonnes of fresh at the edge plus 7 tonnes on my bit to play with tomorrow just as I was finished the previous bunch. I have a ravine at the rear so it’s easily gotten rid of. Fun.

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