Citizens Hungry for Real Info on Renewable Energy

February 23, 2019


In North Branch, MI, residents crowded into Deerfield Township Hall for a rousing dose of desperately needed real info on renewables – my Wind101 presentation. They’ve been subjected to a steady stream of disinformation, abuse and trolling at the hands of a small but screechy band of local anti-renewable conspiracy theorists.

I’ve had a busy week of traveling and speaking, which finally ended with celebratory sloppy joes, nachos and Budweiser at a local farmhouse.
Citizens here tell me they are tired of “being punching bags” for surly and misinformed anti-winders, and they are standing up – on social media and in person at local meetings.
I wish I’d had a lapel camera to capture the “Agenda 21” nut job that was convinced I was part of a Merovingian Illuminati underground, but otherwise most of  the crowd was enthusiastic and rapt.


6 Responses to “Citizens Hungry for Real Info on Renewable Energy”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    Ok, I admit having to Google “Merovingian” and I still don’t really know what it means….

    Kudos on spreading the good word!

  2. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Merovingian: Religious group, southern France late dark age about. Non follower of strict christian party line, ergo evil and secretive. So slaughtered, and looted, in religious mania. First ‘crusade’.

    • Graham Jeffery Says:

      You’ve described the Cathars. The Merovingians were European Kings of what is now much of France/Germany between 450 and 750 AD

      • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

        You are correct. Have read the crusade was against ‘Merovingians’, possibly as they were/are considered shts. Or quite possibly an historically incorrect statement.

        • Graham Jeffery Says:

          The Merovingian conspiracy theory has to do with Jesus surviving the crucifixion, being secretly transported to France, marrying, having children, and His offspring marrying into the Merovingian royal family.

          The claims then fall further down the stairs into the idea that Satan himself was an ancestor, reptilian aliens, illuminati, the New World Order and for all I know the debate on whether pineapple should be a pizza topping.

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