A (Qualified) Physician Weighs in on Wind Turbines and Health

February 8, 2019

Dr Jeffrey Ellenbogen is a certified Neurologist who specializes in acoustics and the health impacts of sound on human bodies.

He was 6 years director of the Harvard/Mass General Sleep lab, and a Professor at Harvard Medical School.
He was lead author for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s study of wind turbine health effects.

He continues his studies of acoustics and health, and sleep, as an assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University today.
He is arguably one of, if not the,  best informed and well prepared experts in the world on wind turbines on human health.

I recorded Dr. Ellenbogen at a Township board meeting in North Branch, Michigan, in January of 2019.

Top: Dr. Ellenbogen discusses his background and the results of the Massachusetts study. One significant finding:  There is no such thing as “Wind Turbine Syndrome”.

Below, extremely enlightening account of Dr. Ellenbogen’s physical examination of three individuals purportedly suffering from said “syndrome”.   I won’t spoil this surprise.

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