Solar Insurrection: Puerto Rico’s Way forward in Energy

February 2, 2019

5 Responses to “Solar Insurrection: Puerto Rico’s Way forward in Energy”

  1. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    Bring the troops home and spend the money on infrastructure. Otherwise given the rate of decay of your bridges, it will not be long before you can’t cross the Hudson.

    The grid is so woeful, this is the only way forward. The power companies are getting so expensive to connect to, that in some cases it is cheaper to go solar battery than across the road with a power connection.

  2. Terry Donte Says:

    Puerto Rico’s problem have nothing to do with fossil fuels or solar, they are due to corruption and political gamesmanship for votes rather than spending money to fix things. Puerto Rico spent 100 billion , all borrowed to buy votes, not a dime on the power grid. Puerto Rico than spent and spends time and efforts on having the mainland taxpayers pay that 100 billion which is roughly 333 dollars for every man women and child on the mainland. After the congress gave them 20 billion they actually started to fix the grid which is mostly up and running after a bunch of political gamesmanship over who was supposed to do the fixing and how to fix it all of which cost the mainlanders paying for it hundreds of millions of dollars extra.

    Let examine Cuba which was struck by a similar size storm. 1.5 million people were displaced, similar to Puerto Rico, 150,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, similar to Puerto Rico. Within a month, all except 15,000 were back in their homes, the power grid was up and running and Cuba did not get 20 billion from anybody to rebuild and did not get anybody to pay off 100 billion of their debts. Say what you want about Cuba’s government but it works.

    • dumboldguy Says:


    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Cuba does have a lower death rate for bad hurricanes using the advantages of a dictatorship:
      (1) Evacuation ahead of landfall is mandatory, including care facilities
      (2) Looters (effectively defined as people who don’t evacuate) are treated with extreme prejudice.

      Many in the US don’t evacuate because (1) without state-owned TV/radio, they don’t get consistent warnings, (2) evacuation is very expensive for poor people, (3) people who evacuate from the area that doesn’t get hit remember the the next time they’re asked to evacuate, and (4) looters don’t evacuate.

      Also, with respect to Puerto Rico, Cuba has much less tree cover and remote grid power lines.

  3. […] more positive news, Puerto Rico has seen the explosive growth of solar energy on the Island. Abandoned by the Trump administration, the Puerto Ricans have started to build a new energy grid […]

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