PBS NewsHour: As Seas Rise, Coastal Residents Feel Flood Risk

January 6, 2019

8 Responses to “PBS NewsHour: As Seas Rise, Coastal Residents Feel Flood Risk”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Humankind, in two centuries, has transformed the climate. It has reversed a 50-million-year cooling trend.

    Scientists conclude that the profligate combustion of fossil fuels could within three decades take planet Earth back to conditions that existed in the Pliocene three million years ago, an era almost ice-free and at least 1.8°C and possibly 3.6°C warmer than today.

    => Earth’s Climate After 2030: Conditions Could Resemble Era 3 Million Years Ago, Scientists Predict

    • Live in this days must have been living hell. Nothng then disaster is profesized for this Climate Changes. What I like to know is what caused this 50 milion year of cooling.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Life wasn’t “living hell” for whatever was alive then, except for organisms that couldn’t adapt to changing conditions and were being driven to extinction. Those that were able to adapt were thriving. There were no “humans” then, and therefore no such concept as “hell” anyway.

        Over its lifetime, the Earth has undergone many extreme swings in temperature due to a number of causes. Here’s a link with some good graphs.


        Remember that this temperature swing is the first and only one that has been caused by a life form (us)—-except for the changes that little critters made way back—-like creating an oxygen atmosphere.

      • Sir Charles Says:

        50 Million years there wasn’t any of such species called “human” on this planet.

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        Here is the human experience of global temperature starting 20,000 years ago, before humans established widespread farming, and continuing through all of the development of civilization. Since then and until about 100 years ago, global temperatures shifted slowly.


        • dumboldguy Says:

          A good find—-much more informative and honest than Chucky’s fear-mongering and distorted “Graph He Can’t Stop Posting Because He Has Lost Control”, which we have now seen nearly 20 times on Crock.

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