Why Uncle Dittohead Still Doesn’t Get Climate Change

December 30, 2018

Until he and Aunt Teabag start watching something besides Fox News, they’re doomed to be ignorant and obnoxious.

9 Responses to “Why Uncle Dittohead Still Doesn’t Get Climate Change”

  1. Bryson Brown Says:

    Another population of deniers I’ve encountered is local engineers and geologists (usually with a history of working in the oil industry, but not always). For example, yesterday I was at a friend’s house for a holiday gathering talking with a geologist I’d met there before, and the carbon tax came up– he clearly didn’t like it, and said several false things about it right at the start, which I tried to correct (for instance, since 70% of the Alberta tax is rebated back to low and middle-income earners, he claimed it couldn’t have any effect, since people just get their money back; I pointed out that this was false, since they can spend the money they get back on other goods, and the higher price for fossil fuels increases the incentive to reduce their consumption. He continued to “disagree,” despite not replying to this point, and shifted ground to the geological history of sea level and ice ages, claiming those changes are what’s really happening (as if decades to centuries aren’t a dramatically different time scale…) At that point i just said he was wrong and the time scales for AGW are much shorter, but this obviously had no impact on him at all (he was aggressive, too, misunderstanding my remarks about time scales for ice ages — i mentioned hundreds of thousands of years (for complete cycles, of course) and he declared 20,000 (for interglacials, i assume)– he went on speaking ex cathedra as a “geologist” while denying we have a problem at all…). Very depressing and disheartening: he’s far from being a stupid man, and not right-wing either, but oil and gas forever is his plan for our world, and he’s not budging.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Per Upton Sinclair: Is is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      The problem is with the general “engineer mentality”, not just with petroleum engineers. Too many engineers think they can “fix” anything—-it’s just a matter of crunching numbers until you get the “right” answer. Nothing else matters—-not history, politics, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology—-you can’t put NUMBERS on that stuff. (Although a good number of them HAVE figured out the “numbers” on getting rich with their “fixes” and how to fool the suckers—-Solar Roadway being the poster child there).

      (Full disclosure: I attended one of the country’s better engineering schools (Stevens Institute) for one semester. I, along with quite a few other freshmen, decided I did NOT want to spend the rest of my life with “engineers”, and went off to pursue a career in science education instead).

      One need only look at the signers of the Oregon Petition—-30,000+ strong, and just about half of them are engineers with no more legitimacy to comment on climate change than uncle Dittohead.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    Time for the millennials to take over the country. With these nutters you won’t get anywhere at any time.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      One upside to Millennials spending so much time in cyberspace with people who live half a world away is that the uprooting that comes up with physical community abandonment is not as traumatic.

  3. Terry Donte Says:

    We would save a huge amount of energy and a lot of CO2 production if you simply turned off your computer, your phone, your lights, your heater, your car, your food supply and so forth. The world would be back to 10,000 BC and would be saved. Never mind the cold of 10,000 BC, a little ice helps you wake up.

    You could also consider that calling people names who have a different view of things does not help your argument. By calling people names you turn them off and hurt your cause. It would help if you could show that the claims you make are actually supported by data, not computer models. The computer models should be able to use past data to predict the current climate. The problem is they cannot do that.

    We do have many problems we and our kids will have to face and fix. Population increases are the major cause of most of our present problems including increased CO2 production as everybody wants to live a life similar to yours.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Calling people names like “paid whores for fossil fuels”, or in your case, “cognitively dissonant science-ignorant sheep-like follower of climate deniers” is not really “name calling”—–it’s merely pointing out observable FACT (which you prove every time you post).

      You simply refuse to accept the FACT of what’s happening RIGHT NOW—-something that EVERY scientist on the planet who is sane and not a paid whore accepts and is increasingly worried about.

      Instead, you deflect with bullshit about 10,000 years ago, the imperfections of climate models, and not turning off people who (like you) will NEVER see the light in time to join the cause.

      You have earned the right to NOT be called totally stupid by making this observation.

      “Population increases are the major cause of most of our present problems including increased CO2 production as everybody wants to live a life similar to yours”.

      Yep, we CAN trace things back to “too many humans” in the simplest sense—I hope some day you can expand on that and show some true understanding of the problem.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Wow, 8 statements that are either factually wrong or just stupid. Not bad for a short post although I’ve seen some trolls pack in 2 or 3 times that when they’re really trying.

      To avoid such catastrophic climate change and ecological disasters that we can’t implement solutions at all, we need to reduce fossil fuel use by at least 90% in the next 7 years, and the rest soon after. Only massive, radical and immediate political action will change things fast enough to matter–IOW, an emergency climate mobilization, aka comprehensive Green New Deal.

      What population policy will help with that in any significant way?


      Humans are not lynxes and hares following each other up and down the peaks and valleys of graphs. Each lynx and hare has exactly the same impact on Earth as every other one, each day s/he lives. Each person does different amounts of harm based on wealth and ownership of groups like the US military. All the problems you allude to are caused overwhelmingly by the richest few percent of people on Earth, not by the vast majority of very poor people*, which is where the only significant growth in our numbers is happening. iOW, population growth is now having VIRTUALLY NO EFFECT on climate cataclysm.

      Population growth rates are half what they were in the 1960s, still dropping, & will peak & then decline by about 2050, driven by rising death rates from the ecological crisis. The problems we’re causing now will not be fixable by our children; we have 10 years or less to radically reduce our harm or they’re likely to be the last generation living in civilization.

      Climate models, beginning with Arrhenius’ in 1890 and improving ever since, accurately predict past as well as current climate, except even the IPCC’s most dire ones are mostly too optimistic because tipping points and similar unpredictable factors can’t be included. They depend on what humans do, and we’ve never experienced and measured them accurately enough before (tenths of degrees and years instead of decades, centuries, and millennia) to know exactly what temperature will cause what effects and how fast. (CO2 and temperature are rising 10-100 times faster than ever before.)

      It doesn’t matter whether you’re insulted or not. No one is trying to convince you of anything since you’re obviously either deluded or lying and are beyond all education. You should consider psychotherapy to find out why you’re so vulnerable to the lies of psychotic psychopaths, 20 years after it was even remotely justifiable or excusable.

      Once you’ve recovered enough (or for those able to reason) you can see all the scientific data showing you’re wrong at www[DOT]skepticalscience[DOT]com

      * If you have 4 things–a roof, a bed, food in a refrigerator and clothes in a closet, you have more than about 85% of people on Earth.

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