Dark Snow – the Talk: Peter Sinclair on Climate and Energy Choices

December 20, 2018

I was in the Philadelphia area last spring to give a series of talks, and local videographers at CanCanProductions caught the show, edited it down to 39 minutes, and included the actual slides and videos that I presented – (actual files, not just pointing the camera at the screen..)

So it looks good. I think it’s not a bad update for those that wonder about where we are in all this.

4 Responses to “Dark Snow – the Talk: Peter Sinclair on Climate and Energy Choices”

  1. Paul Rattenbury Says:

    Hello Peter: Greetings from Paul in Whistler.eh
    Thank you for your site and your inescapably succinct talk. I’ve been reading this ‘stuff’ for years so not much is new to me; but your talk really lays it out nicely.
    Why the mainstream machine don’t sell it is understandable but for the facsimile adults to deliberately not get it is really depressing. Self-Blinded by Fear ?
    I find it alll fascinating, but; I still think we are fukt.
    …especially if you throw Guy MacPherson’s take on Global Dimming and what happens when we clear the air – either by Progress or the default cascade he lays out: weather-food-war and then the untended nuclear plants… followed by methane.
    I think dimming/clearing skies will be the next area of climate discussion news;
    the next act in this Climatic Opera we’ve set for ourselves.
    Could you please give the Greenhouse vs Clear skies a shot ?

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Nicely done, and indeed a good “update”. I keep trying to “talk” to people about climate change, but most of them are not listening—-they are science ignorant, politically biased, or just afraid and don’t want to hear it.

    My grandson stopped by this week on his way home from college for winter break—-good person and a smart kid with a 3.5 GPA at the country’s second oldest college, but I wanted to wring his neck—-he just doesn’t have time to worry or study about climate change right now—-he needs to get into grad school and spends all his time studying and reading his texts. He has gotten only 50 pages into the two books I loaned him last summer—-Dark Money and Merchants of Doubt.

    How do we get people to the tipping point where they know enough about climate change to become active in fighting it? How do we ever get to those folks who are just trying to survive—-the ones who have been beaten down by the system and have little time for anything but putting food on the table?

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