As Americans Wake up to Climate Threat, Deniers Dig In

December 17, 2018

Above, climate deniers as always with their finger on the pulse of reality, have decided to double down on coal burning.

stupid300Denialist clown and tobacco shill Steven Milloy is leading a “Burn more Coal” campaign, as America wakes up to the depths of the climate catastrophe.

On the other hand, when we run out of coal, we can always burn stupid.
See more Milloy brilliance, and Twitter’s responses, below.


Americans have reached consensus on the need to act in response to climate change with one conspicuous exception: Republicans.

A new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll identifies that sharp break in the evolving pattern of public opinion as scientists have amplified their warnings of rising global temperatures and linked them to a range of natural disasters. Overall, 66 percent of Americans now say they’ve seen enough evidence to justify action, up from 51 percent two decades ago.

That figure incorporates 85 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of independents, 71 percent of women, 61 percent of men and strong majorities of all racial groups. At least 55 percent agree on the need for action in all regions of the country, and at all age, education and income levels.

Resistance comes only from the one-third of Americans who identify themselves as Republicans. A 56 percent majority of the GOP says either that concern about climate change is unwarranted or that more research is necessary before taking action.

The survey shows how deeply the Republican rank and file has absorbed the messages from GOP leaders and media outlets that fears about the issue have been either exaggerated or fabricated outright. Republican Congressional leaders opposed decisions by President Clinton and Obama to curb US carbon emissions in concert with action by other nations.

President Trump, who has called climate change a “hoax,” last year announced the U.S. would withdrawn from the 2015 Paris Agreement joined by 196 countries. The result makes Republicans stand out among those whose sense of urgency has not budged over 20 years and four different presidents.

In 1999, the NBC/WSJ poll showed that just 15 percent of Republicans believed that climate change had been established as a serious problem requiring an immediate response. Today that proportion remains unchanged at 15 percent, while the share of Democrats and independents who expressed urgent concern has risen sharply.

Opponents of action, including Trump, typically insist the financial costs of curbing climate change exceed potential benefits. But the NBC/WSJ survey shows most Americans now disagree.

A 52 percent majority says that failure to address climate change will cost more through the consequences of weather-related events such as droughts or floods. Just 35 percent say that action will raise energy prices and cost more.

Michael Tobis in Medium:

I asked for suggestions for names for the tweetstream, and a few suggestions were forthcoming, but I was immediately taken by the first suggestion, Gavin Schmidt’s idea, the “Ministry of Silly Squawks”. And so @sillysquawks was born.

Admittedly, this is a mean sport. There’s the “they go low, we go high” approach, and reproach, to this sort of thing. Admittedly, the trolls embarrass and mock reasonable people. If we return the favour, are we not sinking to their level? One could see it that way.

On the other hand, this is the rare case in which the playing field, once we get over our scruples, is tilted in our favour. You see, if you actually look at what these people are willing to say to each other, it is very, very silly.

What do I want to achieve with it? Twitter has achieved something very like what I had in mind — focused on a particularly silly squawk and woefully embarrassed the person behind it. This is coincidental with the first week’s launch of @sillysquawks but otherwise unconnected to it. Famed science denier Stephen Milloy actually came out with this:


The reactions were marvelous. Let me note a few of the more notable ones here:




and (also AstroKatie)




They can try ridiculing us all they want. The thing is, nothing we could do or say is quite this ridiculous. It’s important to document the utter absurdity of the trolls’ position, in this domain and others.


14 Responses to “As Americans Wake up to Climate Threat, Deniers Dig In”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    These ill immoral insane immature idiots are still deceiving the country. Send him to Venus. Single ticket. No return.

    • indy222 Says:

      Except using the new Pre-Industrial Baseline determined by Michael Mann’s team in 2017, we’re really at +1.3C, not +1.1C, and were at 1.48C at the close of 2016…. and if the El Nino index is right, we may be higher again as early as 2019.

      Click to access SchurerEtAlNCC17.pdf

      • dumboldguy Says:

        How come every time we refine our data or release a new study the situation gets even worse? And why are too few people paying attention to that fact?

        • Keith Omelvena Says:

          That thumbs down is stuck to you like a starving tick DOG. A woman scorned and all that 🙂

          • dumboldguy Says:

            You noticed, huh?

            But it’s not a “woman scorned”, IMO, it’s one of those very few A-holes that visit Crocks that I have somehow insulted. Since they don’t have the brains, knowledge, or balls to confront me directly about whatever unimaginable insult I delivered to them, they remain silent and impotent with their pathetic “thumbs down” on ANYTHING I post, even a correction to a typo or math error. Of course, since they ARE dumb, they manage to get me maybe only 18 or 19 out of 20 comments, which is even a bit “cute”.

            Among present company, possible “thumbers” include Sir Chucky (who would do it because he thinks it’s funny), Jeffy4Z (who is somewhat mental), or that whore for fossil fuels Russell Cook (who doesn’t come around much lately but is likely sulking and “lurking”). There are a few other fools whose cases I have gotten on rather strongly, but they are long gone and I don’t remember their names.

            Actually, I consider it almost to be a badge of honor, that I can provoke such fear in some A-hole that he hides in the dark and snipes like that. It’s kind of like the fly that tries to bite the stallion when he comes out the door of the stable to find some juicy mares to “dally” with. The stallion simply ignores him and gets on to what’s really important.

            OOH-Rah, Semper Fi, and ROTFLMAO!

          • Keith Omelvena Says:

            DOG, my moneys on your ex Russian sparring partner. Verotskya or whatever her name was? Seemed the type not to waste a good grudge.

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Not the first time you’re pulling stuff about other contributors right out of your butt, grumpo.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            GFYS, Chucky. I’m good at pattern recognition, and my money’s on YOU as the mindless “starving tick”. with occasional backup from the others named (who DO live up someone’s butt, just not mine), (And, as I’ve said before, be sure to open your mouth so you can see out and read this comment).

      • grindupbaker Says:

        Have to use the LSQ error fitted GMST trend though, not a calendar year, month or such a short period. La Ninas been going at +0.165 / decade for decades. El Ninos seem likely up from +0.20 / decade to +0.23 / decade but not very sure (GISTEMP)

  2. indy222 Says:

    I don’t understand why we call Congress and the President political leaders. A leader is one who sees the truth better than most, and educates and convinces the others, even if the leader starts out in the minority. Thereby taking them in a better direction. Politicians have NEVER been leaders. Not even followers, except followers of their corporate paymasters. Political people have a near-unbroken record of betrayal, obstinance, self-serving, and lies. It irks me every time I see a better-than-average politician referred to as a “leader”. At best, they’re better listeners to those best listened to, and even that is very rare.

  3. […] via As Americans Wake up to Climate Threat, Deniers Dig In — Climate Denial Crock of the Week […]

  4. mboli Says:

    Republicans are not lying when they tell you “the proposed solutions to climate change are scary and too expensive and probably worse than the problem.”
    Because the conservative moment in America has talked itself into a position where they have no policy tools available for addressing big problems. All they have nowadays is a) deregulate, b) reduce taxes, c) get the federal government out of managing the problem and give it to the states.
    No realistic government actions that would affect the climate can possibly be acceptable to conservatives. The Republicans in the House routinely (every year or two) pass a resolution saying that even a revenue neutral carbon tax is unacceptable to them.
    They can’t afford to believe that climate change is an issue the government should address, because they have no policy tools available to address it.
    To my mind this is a rather bleak assessment of the stalemate. Even when Republican legislators and leaders act in good faith and have the best of intentions, it won’t be possible to get them on board.

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