New Video: Energy Storage Coming of Age

December 12, 2018

Energy storage technology is moving along the same track that solar did a decade ago – lower cost, better performance, new technologies.

26 Responses to “New Video: Energy Storage Coming of Age”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Hubris and brutal stupidity. The search for a effective ‘argument’, rather than ‘bashing your head against a brick wall’ is everlasting. Might ‘loosen a brick’. Am suggesting direct attacks against prominent deniers in public. Like you are such an ‘idiot and criminal’. Using logic and science arguments actually reinforces the idiots attitude, but it might sink in to the rank and file that they are open to ridicule.
    Direct lawsuits might also shut some of them up. Wishful thinking but sort of satisfying.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      All but the most psychotic or unbelievably stoopid of them already know they’re lying, which means they’re shameless and conscienceless. And most are well-paid for it. Ridicule is unlikely to work. Constantly being followed everywhere they go and surrounded by several hundred (or even several dozen) silent protestors for months on end might get to them. 200 or 300 phone calls a day might get them to stop. You know, just friendly calls of course, dropping various bits of information about climate science, reminding them of lies they’ve told and correcting them, and asking for information about their finances, etc.

      How about libel and slander charges for those who have attacked climate scientists? Fraud and treason convictions open them up to felony murder charges, as might crimes against humanity and the new world court category of environmental crimes.

      • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

        Yes, yes and yes.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Yes, Jeffy can put his life on hold and start a GoFundMe campaign to keep him supplied with Big Macs as he follows the sinners around. And PHONE CALLS? They are no more likely to be effective than the many I don’t answer because caller-ID tells me they’re spam.

          And libel and slander charges? Ask Mann and Weaver how they’re doing with those against Steyn and Ball—-Mann vs. Steyn has been going on for SIX years, and now Mann is in trouble with the Canadian courts over the Ball case there.

          “Fraud and treason convictions open them up to felony murder charges, as might crimes against humanity and the new world court category of environmental crimes”?. Uh-huh—-Can Jeffy tell us of ANY such charges, never mind convictions, anywhere in the world?. Didn’t think so. We can’t even clean out our government—-Trump will keep issuing pardons or doing serial replacements as his “crooks” are uncovered—-I speak of Pruitt and now “Stinky” Ryan Zinke, who is leaving Interior under a cloud.

          (PS to BJ-S alone. Be aware that Jeffy’s rantings and bloviations are mainly the result of his personality disorders and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s good that you encourage him, but only to a point)

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