Cloud of Smug: Man Bear Pig is Real, it Turns Out. Sorry, Kids.

November 30, 2018

South Park creators make belated apology to Al Gore for a decade-old episode that cast him as a crank for warning about the threat of “Man Bear Pig”, a hideous monster.

Turns out, as a new episode admits, Man Bear Pig was/is real. And Matt Parker and Trey Stone have now emerged from their own Cloud of Smug.
10 years late guys, but I’m there will be big laughs all around when you explain to your grandchildren.


Al Gore is getting a bit of Pyrrhic vindication these days, what with the overt impacts of climate change further ravaging the only planet we can currently live on. Gore was an early climate change alarmist, so people starting to think about worrying about the impact humans have had on the global climate kind of takes the sting out of what he endured from skeptics over the years. You know, kind of.

Some of those notable skeptics, Matt Parker and Trey Stone of South Park, offered a very public apology earlier in November with a two-episode arc where they essentially apologized for an episode where they portrayed Gore’s alarmism as worrying and crying wolf about nothing.

The Season 10 episode about Gore hunting for a nonexistent ManBearPig essentially labeled Gore as someone worrying about nothing, and the two episodes South Park put out this year made ManBearPig very real. And Gore certainly took notice of the apparent apology.

The former vice president of the United States was asked about the South Park apology by a person in the audience of The Daily Show.

Gore essentially retold the entire story to a crowd that almost certainly already knew the tale, but he also said he was “so impressed” by how South Park and its writers handled the apology.

“So 12 years ago, they did that episode that had me hysterically warning about a nonexistent problem, this ManBearPig. And for years, I get this question,” Gore said. “So now, all of a sudden, a few weeks ago out of the blue they come out with these new episodes and the kids on South Park realize ManBearPig is real!

This obviously delighted Gore, who is probably not a huge South Park fan but definitely knows about ManBearPig and knew a question like this was coming. So how does he feel about Trey and Matt and how they treated him? Pretty good, actually.

Honestly, I was so impressed. I don’t know these guys, Matt and Trey. And I kind of thought they were nihilists of sorts. But funny nihilists. And when they come out with this new thing, and they had the kids come out and seek me out to help them. But my character forces them to apologize.

And they all say ‘Oh, we’re so sorry, Al Gore.’ ManBearPig is real! I thought it was a hell of a statement by South Park and I appreciated it a lot.

Gore has gone through a lot over the years because of his An Inconvenient Truth, and many still don’t believe that climate change is even real. But if Gore’s made who he accurately described as “funny nihilists” issue an apology and take climate change more seriously, he’s got to mark that as a bit of progress.



20 Responses to “Cloud of Smug: Man Bear Pig is Real, it Turns Out. Sorry, Kids.”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    What are we gonna do that makes any difference? What can we do that everyone else will do?

      • Canman Says:

        In Michigan, we can return the can for a ten cent deposit, where it will be recycled.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Suggest you stay away from beer or any other alcoholic beverage, C-Man., and collect the deposit from soft drink cans instead Were you under the influence when you posted the Stossel video?

          • Canman Says:

            Oh come on DOG. That video expresses real concerns that people have.There’s real reason to be wary of the religious zeal of the climate movement.You yourself brought up the image of torches and pitchforks. we need counterpoints to keep movements in check. Nazism, McCartyism, communism, Maoism, … and now, environmentalism. At least the communists claimed to like people. There are a lot of environmentalists who think humans are a scourge on the Earth. How do you keep them from getting control of the climate movement?

            Pat Michaels and Judith Curry are concerned about the effects that the climate movement’s agenda is having on science. An independent researcher named Nick Lewis just blew up an ocean heat paper on Curry’s blog.

            That video has Richard Alley. FWIW I think he does a good job arguing that CO2 is a temperature control knob over geologic time, but that does not mean that I want him setting energy and economic policy.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Lord love a duck, C-Man! If I didn’t know that you frequented WUWT and other moronic denier sites and drank their Kool-Aid, I’d swear you were spoofing us with a caricature of an ignorant and deluded denier. I will waste some time responding to your foolishness just to see if you’re paying ANY attention.

            Except for a very few extremists, environmentalism is a “movement” based on SCIENCE and an understanding of the FACTS about what it means to have a “living planet”. You have to have your head very far up your butt to compare it to Nazism, McCartyism, communism, and Maoism, or even “religion”, for that matter..

            Any “environmentalist” who thinks humans are a scourge on the Earth is likely well -educated in science, history, politics, psychology, and economics, and keeps up with recent developments. They are a part of the “movement” that needs to be listened to even more.

            To repeat,Pat Michaels and Judith Curry are climate denier whores who take money from the fossil fuel industry—they have NO “concerns about the effects that the climate movement’s agenda is having on science” other than to make money denying it. Nick Lewis is not an “independent researcher”—-he is a retired financier who now spouts BS on denier blogs (probably for $$$ also).

            Richard Alley. FWIW, IMO, would do a far better job “setting energy and economic policy” than any of the denier whores you love so much.

          • Canman Says:

            I see we’re talking past each other on humans being a scourge on the Earth. I think it’s possible that humans have saved this “living planet”. Patrick Moore has pointed out that CO2 was at geologically low levels approaching the threshold that plants need to survive. He also points out that the Earth has been spending most of its recent time in ice ages. Fossil fuels may have saved us from the next ice age, next little ice age and even the next snowball Earth.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            No, we’re not talking “past each other”, we’re not even talking about the same things. YOU are spouting ignorant denier bullshit about CO2 and ice ages, while I am trying to talk science and fact.

            Did you study ANY science at all in school? Why do you keep quoting Patrick Michaels, one of the least reputable sources on anything related to climate change? Are you next going to quote Monckton?

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    Updates from
    Today’s Climate

    Unable to Bury Climate Report, Trump and Deniers Launch Assault on the Science

    President Trump and his allies in the climate denial community are trying to discredit the National Climate Assessment, but a fact-check shows the problems with their attacks. The evidence and warnings in the report are a high-stakes challenge for Trump’s fossil fuel-friendly agenda, in politics and in the courts.

    (InsideClimate News)

    Farmers, Don’t Count on Technology to Protect Agriculture from Climate Change

    Advances in science and technology will only go so far in helping agriculture deal with increasingly erratic weather, the new U.S. climate report says. It says the effects of climate change on American farms and ranches will likely outpace technological fixes within decades, even with the present pace of agricultural innovation.

    (InsideClimate News)

    Surge of Oil and Gas Flowing to Texas Coastline Triggers Building Boom, Tensions

    Texas is seeing an oil infrastructure boom, helped by fossil fuel-friendly policies. But those industries also pump out greenhouse gases that are warming the planet and increasing the risk of powerful storms, like Hurricane Harvey, that endanger everything around them.

    (The Texas Tribune)

    Almost Half Coal Power Plants Unprofitable to Operate

    The surge in coal prices in the past three years and muted power prices are cutting into the profitability of power stations that burn the fuel, according to Carbon Tracker. About 42 percent of the world’s coal generation capacity is losing money, it says.


    Coal Plant Capacity Decreasing Under Trump

    The nation’s coal power capacity has decreased during President Trump’s time in office, and his second year brought an even bigger decrease than the first. Higher costs, aging plants, future regulatory uncertainty and public sentiment around the fuel were all cited by utilities as reasons for closures.

    (S&P Global)

    EPA Watchdog Closes Two Probes into Scott Pruitt’s Conduct, Citing his Resignation

    The EPA’s inspector general has closed two probes into former Administrator Scott Pruitt’s conduct without reaching any conclusions because he resigned before he could be interviewed. The investigations focused on his alleged use of staff members for personal purposes and a condo rental deal he made with a lobbyist.

    (Washington Post)

    Military’s Push for Solar Backup Power Loses Speed Under Trump

    The Trump administration has slowed plans begun during the previous administration to install solar panels at military installations, a McClatchy analysis finds. The goals of the solar projects were twofold, meant to both enhance national security and combat global warming.


    Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Republicans Now Acknowledge Climate Change

    A new national poll conducted by Monmouth University found that 64 percent of Republicans say they believe Earth’s climate is changing, up from 49 percent in 2015. Fifty-four percent of all Americans surveyed said they believe climate change is a “very serious” problem.

    (The Hill)

    New Hampshire Utility’s Home Battery Plan Moves Forward

    New Hampshire is one step closer to a home energy-storage pilot project that would offer subsidized home batteries in exchange for letting Liberty Utilities use those batteries to counter peaks in electricity demand. The results could help gauge the effectiveness of home energy storage in reducing power grid costs.

    (Greentech Media)

  3. Sir Charles Says:

    Meanwhile, First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth

    Researchers plan to spray sunlight-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, an approach that could ultimately be used to quickly lower the planet’s temperature.

  4. Canman Says:

    There is clearly human caused global warming. A substantial portion of the people labeled as “deniers” agree. There is still a lot about it that is not clear. There is a lot of stuff to debate about. If you’re absolutely right on any point, why wouldn’t you want to debate it and crush your opponent? Can you debunk any point in this video?

    • George Montgomery Says:

      Listen here, Mr. Stossel. Pay somebody to edit your own videos. Cheapskate!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Debunk WHAT points? This is one of the most disgusting pieces of denier propaganda ever produced on this planet. John Stossel will likely live long enough to see the catastrophe occur, and I hope the torch and pitchfork crowd pay him a visit when it happens, along with Judith Curry , Patrick Michaels, and the rest of the denier whores.

      • Canman Says:

        Pat Michaels says 97% of scientists agree that humans are causing some warming. He says that 97 number does not apply as to whether they think it’s dangerous. That’s a pretty big point.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          That’s a “point” only for deniers and the ignorant who want to believe it—–the scientific TRUTH is that global warming on the scale and at the speed with which it is now occurring WITHOUT adequate and timely efforts to combat it is likely to be so “dangerous” that it will threaten all life on Earth. ALL credible scientists and scientific societies around the world agree on that.

          Just because a complete whore like Michaels continues to lie for the fossil fuel interests that pay him (as he did for the tobacco industry before that) is no reason to give any credibility to anything he says. Stossel’s lying is being funded by the Koch brothers, in case you weren’t aware.

          Here’s the skinny on Michaels:

        • Sir Charles Says:

          That 97% figure is outdated in my view.

          => The Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming Matters

          I stopped watching the video after 7 seconds. “Green Tyranny” WTF. Come back when you have a scientific piece and not just sleazy propaganda.

          • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

            The most telling point, IMO, of the contrarian views is that their explanations all differ from one another, like the fraction of alternative medicine promoters who share the attack on science-based medicine’s approach to cancer even though their schools of thought on cancer (liver flukes, acidic diet, only a modern disease, it’s a fungus, etc.) are at odds with one another.

        • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

          Have a minute to waste. That question is pure innuendo with no factual backup, quite typical. Answer is probably 96%, but even if it is 50%, that is an unacceptable risk for The Planet. Why do you do this? What is your agenda?

    • grindupbaker Says:

      Video was entirely WG2 (very poorly done) and socio-politico babbling (seems to relate to only 4% of humans) so I can’t help you. If ever you reference a WG1 that actually makes a relevant, significant point to debate then I’ll address that. Where do I send the bill for my wasted time ?

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