CNN, Networks Playing Catchup after Climate Report Shame

November 29, 2018

Network and cable news programs dropped the ball in their coverage of the new National Climate Assessment – most visibly on the Sunday morning panel shows.
That’s the bad news.

The good news is, at least they know enough to be ashamed.

Above, CNN interview with Katharine Hayhoe addresses the “scientists are in it for the money” issue.

Climate scientist at play

Below, Andrew Dessler weighed in on the “rich scientist” meme –

I’ve interviewed other scientists who left Wall Street jobs for something less lucrative, but more meaningful.  The idea that someone with top-flight math and computer capabilities would go into climate science for the money is preposterous, but then, Deniers know they’re talking to an audience that believes Mexico will pay for The Wall.

As I mentioned yesterday, CNN bumped Dr. Hayhoe’s sit-down with Anderson Cooper, apparently while keeping coal shill Rick Santorum in the line up.

Daily Beast:

According to a source from CNN who did not want to go on-record, Hayhoe’s segment was bumped due to “breaking news” about Paul Manafort’s lawyer allegedly briefing President Trump on his client’s discussions with Robert Mueller, and not for the segment that included commentary from Santorum.

They also pointed out that Hayhoe’s interview with Cooper has been posted on the network’s website, something that often happens when there isn’t time for a segment to air live.

The Daily Beast also reached out to a representative from MSNBC, and they said they had “no comment” on the matter.

It’s true that guests get bumped from cable-news shows all the time, but Hayhoe’s story is part of a disturbing trend for TV news since the dire climate-change assessment was released in a conspicuous post-Thanksgiving news dump.

Hayhoe is one of a very small handful of climate scientists to appear on cable news since the report went public, appearing in the early morning hours on CNN this past Saturday and then later with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on New Day Tuesday morning. Andrea Dutton, associate professor of geology at the University of Florida, did appear on CNN Wednesday afternoon to make the case for action on cutting carbon emissions.


Cooper also went on later with a solo takedown of several denial talking points.
Still – an actual scientist might not be a bad idea, perhaps on a more frequent basis?

6 Responses to “CNN, Networks Playing Catchup after Climate Report Shame”

  1. Eric Smith Says:

    Just one thought (really, I have many, but this one seems important).

    If the President says that he does not believe his own Administrations report on Climate Change, and that is he “very smart” and intelligent people don’t believe that the climate is changing in a way that negatively impacts all life on the planet, can’t the lawyers for the kids suing the US Government use the President’s (and his coal-shilling EPA lackey and Interior Dept oil & gas leasing gollum) words (and inaction) against them in the court case before the District Court?

    Isn’t the President’s most recent statement just a blatant admission (a smoking gun? or tailpipe?) of what these kids are saying the US government is doing (or not doing, as they assert in the lawsuit)?

    I mean, how plain can it be that this administration (and all administrations before it) don’t give one iota about any of us, unless that “us” has pockets full of cash and does the corporate lobbying money shower? It’s time to stop believing that government (any government, anywhere) is going to do the right thing or go against their innate greed, selfishness, and narcissism. It’s time to fight back against the true enemies of all life, including humans, namely the oligarch, their government bellboys, and unbridled, unregulated capitalism.

  2. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Katharine H. is just so good!

  3. leslie graham Says:

    Katherine H is a religious freak.
    Sometimes you find people on your side of the argument who you really really wish were not. She has no credibility outside the religious freak saturated country of the USA.

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      Just because someone is religious does not automatically make them a bad person!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      WOW! I hope LesGr is just trying to stir the pot with this comment—nobody could be that stupid.

      I don’t much like “religious freaks” myself, but I haven’t heard Katherine H ever mention religion in any of her appearances on Crock or elsewhere. She is a SCIENTIST, and everything she has ever said has been in support of science and the scientific facts behind AGW—-she DOES have credibility “outside the religious freak saturated country of the USA”—–among those who understand the science.

      IMO, LesGr has just lost whatever credibility he had outside the “ignorance saturated”.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Wow, you got me to upvote DOG’s response, and I’m an overt atheist.

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