1990: Carl Sagan on Climate Denial

November 25, 2018

Incredible in light of the most recent National Climate Assessment.
I wonder if Dr. Sagan would have believed that human’s would have let things get to this dire place.
Certainly I would not have.

Below, Sagan mentions climate change on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in 1978. (go to 13:10)

2 Responses to “1990: Carl Sagan on Climate Denial”

  1. Glen Koehler Says:

    Sagan’s 1990 framing of of climate change denial was brilliant. 28 years later I hope we are finally catching on and catching up to his insight.

  2. Kevin Hester Says:

    He also talked about the effects of a nuclear winter cooling the planet. I believe they will reach for the nuclear winter option, any day now.

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