Humanitarian Crisis in California. Coming to Your Town.

November 21, 2018

Not Yemen, not Burma.

Climate Terror in the land of Hot Tubs.


7 Responses to “Humanitarian Crisis in California. Coming to Your Town.”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    California’s gross domestic product rose by $127 billion from 2016 to 2017, surpassing $2.7 trillion.

    => California now world’s 5th largest economy, surpassing UK

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Lots of truth spoken in this clip, but also lots of meaningless bright-sided yada-yada.

    The only two points here that really matter are that climate change is global in nature and that the political will to do something about it is lacking. Until the humanitarian crisis comes to the majority of the “towns” on the planet, human nature dictates that it will not be adequately addressed.

    Will that happen in time to stave off CAGW?

  3. redskylite Says:

    “We’re dealing with the richest industry on Earth, who knew they were causing this problem and lied about it”.

    Yes we are and yes they did, so just when are they going to be held accountable for it ?

    ‘Time is Running Out,’ American Petroleum Institute Chief Said in 1965 Speech on Climate Change

    The warning is clear and dire — and the source unexpected. “This report unquestionably will fan emotions, raise fears, and bring demand for action,” the president of the American Petroleum Institute (API) told an oil industry conference, as he described research into climate change caused by fossil fuels.

    “The substance of the report is that there is still time to save the world’s peoples from the catastrophic consequence of pollution, but time is running out.”

    The speaker wasn’t Mike Sommers, who was named to helm API this past May. Nor was it Jack Gerard, who served as API’s president for roughly a decade starting in 2008.

    The API president speaking those words was named Frank Ikard — and the year was 1965, over a half-century ago.

    It was the same year that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Muhammad Ali felled Sonny Liston in the first round, and Malcom X was fatally shot in New York. The first American ground combat troops arrived in Vietnam and President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the law establishing Medicaid and Medicare.

    It would be another four years before American astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon — and another decade before the phrase “global warming” would appear for the first time in a peer-reviewed study.

    And 1965, according to a letter by Stanford historian Benjamin Franta published

  4. redskylite Says:

    “There is too much bad news to justify complacency. There is too much good news to justify despair.” The good news is that we can move toward a future where every living thing has the water it needs to survive and thrive. We can grow more food with less water using smart irrigation systems. We can wash our clothes and clean our dishes with efficient appliances. We can adapt our diets and consumer choices to reduce our water and carbon footprints. We can move away from reliance on dirty, climate-changing energy sources toward renewable, clean energy. We can take natural resources out of the realm of violence and conflict and move toward peace and cooperation. And we can participate in decisions about what kind of politicians and governments we want by speaking out, voting, and demonstrating. But the transition from our current unsustainable world to a sustainable future will require the participation of all of us, the development of new technologies and ways of thinking, and the overturning of old, outmoded, and dangerous ideas and practices. A sustainable future is possible. Let’s make it a reality.

  5. ecoquant Says:

    AND, this was done, despite comparatively aggressive measures to contain emissions, and promote vehicle efficiency standards, and to embrace goals for zero emissions in the future.

    Facts are, the parts of the United States which oppose aggressive action on climate mitigation are those which are the least contributing to the GDP of the United States. If, indeed, the United States were run like a corporation, where votes were allocated to those who produced the most, the votes would be Blue, and the Republicans would be nowhere.

    And the obviously poor choice, which is Donald Trump, would be washed out of the primaries.

    It is SO curious how, when it is convenient, Republicans of the present ilk, embrace capitalist values, and then they toss them when it is inconvenient.

    I am an Independent. While I do not embrace the Democrats, I do not have any alternative. The Republicans have completely failed me.

    And Donald Trump is an incompetent fool and joke. And those who voted for him should be completely ashamed of their dereliction of duty.

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