PBS NewsHour: The Science Behind Megafires

November 14, 2018


As three major fires blaze in California, we consider some of their causes, both human and meteorological. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien has been filming a NOVA documentary on megafires and witnessed the Camp Fire not long after it began. He joins William Brangham to describe that stunning experience, along with the broader scientific context around these destructive phenomena.

Below, Jeff Bridges, the Dude himself, on his personal experience with post fire mudslides.


3 Responses to “PBS NewsHour: The Science Behind Megafires”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    The PBS clip is excellent—good info, presented clearly—-too bad it won’t be seen by many Fox News fans. The Megafire documentary should be a good one.

    Good to see the Dude so interested in climate change—-maybe the “celebs” who just lost their Malibu homes to the fires will get more involved in the climate change issue and bring their fans along.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    There’s a bar across the top of this page saying it wants to access WordPress to use all the features of the page. Free bitcoin with every view? Cookies and milk delivered to my home?
    Another bar keeps popping up saying the page is using significant memory and suggest closing it. There are the usual ads to either click off or wait through (I mute them and go somewhere else until they’re done. And other ads that keep popping up in the video and have to be clicked off or waited out so I can see the screen again. There’s a banner across the middle telling me it will go away when I surrender to accepting cookies. (No milk, I’m guessing.) The page keeps crashing, restarting, slowing everything else, especially when trying to comment. Using this site has suddenly become more active than a video game. I’m not sure it’s worth the constant fight.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I use Google Chrome (which seems to work better in all ways than Firefox or Explorer) and don’t have the problems that you describe. What do you use?

      I have enabled my ad-blocker in Chrome. I will occasionally have sites ask me to disable it—they whine about how they need the ad income—-but very few will actually deny access.

      Visiting Crock is easy, and, except for WordPress swallowing an occasional comment, is NOT a constant fight. Google “how to enable ad blocker” for some hints—we would hate to have you give up on Crock (LOL).

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