CNN Meteorologist, GOP Congressman Fact Check Trump on Fires, Climate

November 12, 2018


On Sunday, CNN meteorologist Tom Sater offered a lengthy and brutal fact check of President Donald Trump‘s claim that forest mismanagement was to blame for the deadly, destructive fires in California.

While in Paris over the weekend, with reports of devastation and lost lives still being reported, Trump said that there is “no reason” for the “costly” forest fire.

He then threatened to yank federal monies.

“There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments,” Trump wrote.

Meanwhile, outgoing GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo slammed Trump’s climate denial in a tweet.
Curbelo was a member of the bi-partisan Climate Caucus, and actually introduced  carbon pricing legislation, but lost last week to Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a climate-hawk Dem.

In addition to TV Mets, Trump managed to tick off the firefighters on the front lines.

Weather Channel:

Brian K. Rice, president of the California Professional Firefighters union, blasted Trump’s comments on Saturday.

The president’s message attacking California and threatening to withhold aid to the victims of the cataclysmic fires is ill-informed, ill-timed and demeaning to those who are suffering as well as the men and women on the front lines,” Rice said in a statement.

“At a time when our every effort should be focused on vanquishing the destructive fires and helping the victims, the president has chosen instead to issue an uninformed political threat aimed squarely at the innocent victims of these cataclysmic fires,” the union president continued.

“At this moment, thousands of our brother and sister firefighters are putting their lives on the line to protect the lives and property of thousands. Some of them are doing so even as their own homes lay in ruins. In my view, this shameful attack on California is an attack on all our courageous men and women on the front lines.”

Rice pointed out that nearly 60 percent of California forests are under federal management and added, “It is the federal government that has chosen to divert resources away from forest management, not California.”

Curbelo also had some further words on Trump’s coattails, or lack thereof:


9 Responses to “CNN Meteorologist, GOP Congressman Fact Check Trump on Fires, Climate”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    The CA firefighters were not the only ones The Great Disrespector managed to insult this weekend. He blissfully insulted everyone who has ever served in the military, and in particular the USMC on its birthday and at the locale of the Battle of Belleau Wood, one of the most significant in Marine Corps history. All because he didn’t want to get his “fake” hair wet. This old Marine says GFYS to the walking POS who occupies the Offal Office by accident. Can’t wait until January when the Democratic House starts to disassemble him

    • smurfix Says:

      Let’s hope they really do disassemble him. I don’t put the idea of pussyfooting around in the vain/futile hope that in two years the GOP won’t accuse them of obstructionism.

    • Lionel Smith Says:


      As a veteran myself, although on the other side of the pond, I have been prompted into making similar comments elsewhere on the intertubes. I have been well aware of that history making battle (having a sizeable part of my library dedicated to that conflict), one so much a part of US military culture that a WW2 carrier the USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 was named in memoriam, with another vessel so named in more recent times. I think it ironic that it was many veterans who enabled Trump’s ascent to the White House. This has to be a how to piss off another sector of your base action.

      What amuses me is that Sarah ‘Goebbels’ Sanders has tried to cover his @r$£ again:

      Trump ditched cemetery visit to avoid causing Paris traffic jams, says Sanders

      Wow! Is she creating a ‘history’ for herself for when this POSS of a POTUS has to fall on his dill pickle.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I hate to make comments on anyone’s appearance, male or female, since I’m not posing for ads myself and it’s just not nice, but Sarah Sanders, who is at best reasonably attractive when she smiles (which is rarely), becomes decidedly UGLY to my eye when she spouts her lying bullshit to defend her master. Is it really happening or is it some sort of psychological reaction on my part? I’d like to think that she truly DOES appear ugly because she is channeling some inner Goebbels or Hitler or Mussolini (or Trump).

        As far as “many veterans enabling Trump’s ascent to the WH” (as well as many white women), I’d like to hope that they will wise up before 2020, although some are just plain dumb, like the Marine that nearly killed me with an unloaded M-1 60 years ago—-bullet passed 2 feet over my head—-if he’s still alive, I’d bet he voted for trump.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      The CA firefighters were not the only ones The Great Disrespector managed to insult this weekend. He blissfully insulted everyone who has ever served in the military….

      What can I say? He’s a multi-tasker.

  2. smurfix Says:

    … meant to write: I don’t put the idea beyond them.

  3. Ann Says:

    Great commentary on CNN. Thanks Peter!

  4. indy222 Says:

    How much POSS can people stuff into their mouths before up-chucking it all? That’s what I wonder. Doesn’t the primitive reptilian brain go into self-survival mode at some point? The Trump “base” may double and triple down, but really. How much of your brain can you wall off before being completely exhausted by the effort, and reality comes flooding in? It’s a large scale psychological experiment. I can only compare it to 1920’s and 30’s Germany. They could swallow a whole great lot. We can’t go that path.

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