A Big Chill – Chicago’s District AC System

October 23, 2018

International District Energy Association

Enwave Chicago is one of the largest district cooling systems in the world. Its 5 interconnected plants and 100,000 Tons of cooling capacity serve over 100 buildings totaling 45 million sq ft. By utilizing ice thermal energy storage, the system reduced its peak electric demand by over 30MWe.

2 Responses to “A Big Chill – Chicago’s District AC System”

  1. Keith McClary Says:

    The system was built by ACCIONA Infrastructures to offer a sustainable, alternative source of air conditioning by using cold water from the depths of Lake Ontario to cool downtown Toronto office buildings.

  2. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    A positive system from an economics view. From an energy view, more is going ‘in than out’. So, unless the input energy is otherwise being wasted, it will be negative on AGW.

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