Abigail Spanberger’s Fiery Closing Starts with Climate Change

October 18, 2018

Dayum!…is all I could say, after watching House candidate Abigail Spanberger close out a debate – starting with a fiery defense of Climate science, the Paris Accord, and environmental protections.

More evidence that talking about climate is not just safe, it’s a rafter-rattling crowd pleaser.


5 Responses to “Abigail Spanberger’s Fiery Closing Starts with Climate Change”

  1. peterangelo Says:

    Whart was the card her opponent raised in the last second, was he trying to cite her for going on too long?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yep, he held up a card with a “3” on it at at the 3:06 minute mark. She finished at 3:10.

      Poor baby, after she destroyed him for 3 minutes, he just couldn’t let her finish (as she was obviously about to do) and appear at least minimally like a gentleman. He’s a AH tea party conservative who got a top endorsement from Trump—-with any luck, she will wash him out of office with the Blue Wave.

    • grindupbaker Says:

      It must be what dumboldguy said because I didn’t spot her kick h:m in the shins.

  2. Daniel G. Says:

    This is obviously better than Trump, but I’m sorry, it falls far short of what is actually required if we are ever going to survive on this planet. We can’t just keep playing the capitalist game that brought us to this dire situation. We can’t just keep repeating the “growth” mantra. No one dares to question this paradigm, even though it leads to our annihilation. When even the opposition doesn’t really offer a real transformation of our current insane and destructive economic system, then what can you say.. what hope is there?

    We must stand up and demand an economic system that takes humans, the planet and living systems into account. It is no longer a luxury, it is a now a matter of life or death for humanity.. 

    Our current immature and insane economic system (with its mantras of ‘Growth is God’ and ‘Profit above all else’) sees things like pollution and disruption of earth’s life supporting systems as “externalities” and simply doesn’t take them into account…

    In other words, Big Business (and especially Big Oil) know that they create these effects but just pretend that it doesn’t really matter and that it’s less important than profits..

    Ignoring the ecocide effects of our greedy actions on all living systems (including humanity) is the very definition of madness, isn’t it?


Our entire globalized economic system is directed toward the accumulation of private profit and completely ignores the ecological viability of the ecosphere of our planet that supports and promotes the flourishing of life.

    This entire economic system violates the basic ecological principles that must be adopted by humanity in the very near future if we want to have a future at all.

    This economic capitalist system is based on the cancerous, anti-ecological principle of endless growth on a finite planet.

    It spells doom for humanity, since ecological principles of delicate balance and interdependence fundamentally contradict capitalism’s iron law of profit. 

    The requirement of the capitalist system (grow or die: increase profits or go under) functions in direct contradiction to the equilibrium principles of a living planet.

    We are all going to pay a very very heavy price if we just keep on going as usual with this insane childish destructive system.

    This sort of economic mentality (and the psychological mindset from which it arose) just has to change or we’re really doomed. 

    And it is up to us to demand that change. 

    We need to restructure the fundamentals of our cultural/economic system to cultivate an “ecological civilization”: one that prioritizes the health of living systems over short-term profits. If we don’t do that, we simply won’t survive.

    Our society needs to change at a level far deeper than most people realize. It’s not just a matter of investing in renewables, eating less meat and driving an electric car. The intrinsic framework of our global social and economic organization needs to transform. 

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Very well said—you get it, as do many Crockers. The problem is that “the system” has been entrenching itself for decades (centuries even), and we as individuals can have little impact on it until such time as the ignorant and disinterested wake up and smell the impending doom. With so many people denying that our way of life will lead to disaster, or simply ignorant of that fact, we will make little progress.

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