“We’re not Idiots.” Flat-Earthers Sound as Defensive as Climate Deniers

October 15, 2018

Did you hear about NASA’s massive conspiracy…..?

It’s 2018. Instead of a jetpack I get this shit?

CBS interviews Flat Earthers for the Sunday morning show, and the Denier in Chief for 60 Minutes.


6 Responses to ““We’re not Idiots.” Flat-Earthers Sound as Defensive as Climate Deniers”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    I just can’t deal with this gnosticide.
    Humanity – get a grip and do your job in educating people with common facts properly!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Agreed, although I doubt that any of these flat-earthers have not received a “common science education” adequate enough to disabuse them of their foolishness. This is willful ignorance.

      (If not outright “gnosticide”, perhaps a little “gnostic cleansing” IS needed?)

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    President Trump was created by Putin and for the Chinese in order to accelerate the US’ loss of primacy in the world.

  3. This is the post that made me chuckle. not the content, but your remarks!!!!

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