Reminder: Hurricanes Run on Heat

October 15, 2018


Nice tweet from Oceanographer Kris Karnauskas, showing how efficiently Michael sucked up and utilized excess ocean heat to rip up Florida.
Below, my video of Kevin Trenberth’s team, who analyzed that process during Harvey, last year.

UPDATE: From Twitter, Gulf is now back to bathwater warm, as of October 12.


4 Responses to “Reminder: Hurricanes Run on Heat”

  1. It is quit amazing how efficient oceans seems to get rid of exzess heat by precipitation. I made a simplemodel.There was no ocean or atmossphere and Earth surface came up to avarage of 40 decrees Celsius. So precipitation make a difference of 25 decrees. For the tropics it gave a maximum decrees of up to 70 decrees Celsius. Earth has a very effective watercooling system.

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