Just to Clarify: Marco Rubio Doesn’t Give a Damn about Your Children, My Children, or Even His Own Children

October 14, 2018

And to be clear, neither does any Republican, full stop.

In an interview covering devastation from Hurricane Michael, Jake Tapper pursued the obvious question.

Whatever exists in the place where Human Beings would normally have souls responded.

UPDATE: The #Michael effect? 60 Minutes grills Trump on Climate.

Daily Beast:

“Yeah, look, scientists are saying that humanity and its behavior is contributing towards that,” Rubio answered. “I can’t tell you to what percentage of that is due to human activity,” he added, echoing a form of GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott’s infamous “I’m not a scientist” defense.

“And I think many scientists would debate what percentage is attributable to man versus normal fluctuations,” Rubio added, without providing evidence, “but that there’s actually a rise in sea level, that temperatures are warmer in the waters than they were 50, 80, 100 years ago, that’s measurable. I don’t think there’s an honest debate about this. The response to me is what can we do about it?”

“Yeah, and in 20 years, are you going to be able to say to your children and my children, these are the three or four things I pushed for in Congress to help mitigate this factor?” the host wanted to know.

Without giving specifics, Rubio said in response, “No matter what we do with laws, if tomorrow we stopped all—say we went to all solar panels and did all that stuff, which is not realistic, this trend would still continue. So we’re going to have to do something about the impact that it’s having on low-level coastal areas.”

After that answer, which sounded a lot like surrender on doing anything to reverse the effects of climate change, Tapper moved on.

Fresh off the Pod Save America live taping from Miami for HBO, former Obama communications director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted after the interview aired, “It’s never fully clear to me whether Marco Rubio is this dumb or just acts this dumb to fit in with a party that thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax to keep cashing those Koch checks.”

As to Rubio’s pathetic resort to the “who knows?” defense, see below.

Here, archival footage from the early 80s on what scientists were predicting then, and what is being observed today.

30 year anniversary evaluation of James Hansen’s testimony before the Senate, announcing that Global warming had been observed, “…and is happening now.”

6 Responses to “Just to Clarify: Marco Rubio Doesn’t Give a Damn about Your Children, My Children, or Even His Own Children”

  1. ecoserve1 Says:

    Hey, Peter, please change my address to Blair@valleywatch.net from this one. Thanks.

    Check out the Valley Watch website at: http://valleywatch.net

    John Blair “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

    800 Adams Avenue Evansville, IN 47713 812-464-5663

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  2. shastatodd Says:

    “Marco Rubio Doesn’t Give a Damn about Your Children, My Children, or Even His Own Children”

    oh please… we are still playing “the blame game”? sigh

    what about all my “green” friends:
    still traveling by air to their oh-so-important overseas vacations,
    eating at the top of the food chain or
    continuing to breed…
    or the people who support these reprehensible behaviors with supportive comments as replies to the self destructive bragging on facebook??

    when was the last time you say a fb posting:
    “i decided to not travel overseas because of the massive carbon footprint of air travel.” or
    “i decided to not breed another rapacious human because 7.6 billion is already too many.”

    nope… not only are our lifestyles non-negotiable, but we continue to support self destructive behavior with social praise…
    while of course blaming “them” is still job #1.

    so, obfuscating personal responsibility is still preferable to a sober look in the mirror!
    geeze, it doesn’t take a brainiac to see this won’t end well.

    humans… smh

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Anyone with a brain is doing a SMH with you about how humans are less than perfect creatures, but you’re overdoing it with the smug “sighs” and “blame game” BS.

      Marco Rubio is a freaking United States Senator and even wanted to be president! What he says-does-thinks has far more impact on the state of the planet than anything any individual, green or not green, might do.

      FYI, I myself decided to not breed another rapacious human in 1970 and stopped at 2 children because 3.7 billion humans was already too many, and I later decided to not travel overseas (or take mindless “cruises” in large sardine cans) because of the massive carbon footprint—since I don’t do fb, I haven’t posted that, but I HAVE spoken about it to many of my fellow retirees who do those “non green” things—-they do NOT want to hear it—-and I SMH.

      IMO, we are far beyond the point where exercising “individual personal responsibility” can save us. Smug superiority is not going to help us avoid it “not ending well” either..

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    It keeps going back to this.

  4. […] And Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) told CNN’s Jake Tapper: […]

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