PBS Newshour: Al Gore on Michael, Florence, Harvey and Climate Change

October 13, 2018

For right wingers, there is a psychological necessity to demonize Al Gore.
They know that the theft of the 2000 election, (with the active low level participation of newly appointed SCOTUS member Brett Kavanaugh..) lead to the elevation of the worst President in history, at least until now.

George Bush went on to kill thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, drive the economy into the Great Recession, and encumber us with trillions in extra debt to pay for these catastrophes.  The psychic weight of taking responsibility for that is simply too great for the fragile psyches of right wing Fox-a-holics to bear – “..if I’m responsible for that,  what am I?”

The continuing confirmation of Gore’s prescience on the climate issue is simply more weight on the delicate structure.
The only way out is that Al Gore MUST be a demon of the most dangerous kind – so it makes for a cottage industry of self reinforcing ideations.

3 Responses to “PBS Newshour: Al Gore on Michael, Florence, Harvey and Climate Change”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Gore makes a lot of sense—-I wonder how the country would have fared if the 2000 election hadn’t been stolen from him? And he’s only 70? Two years YOUNGER than the the moron in the White House?

    Gore for President in 2000 !!! (with one of the many talented and qualified women who now sit in the Senate as VP)

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