Michael’s Damage from the Air

October 12, 2018





3 Responses to “Michael’s Damage from the Air”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Terrific footage from the drone. Interesting to see that some buildings (a very few) don’t seem to have lost even a single roof shingle while surrounding buildings were scraped away right down to the floor slabs. Perhaps stronger building codes account for that, but what will happen when we get to Cat 6 and even Cat 7 strength storms as AGW worsens? When is enough enough?

    We need to start thinking about moving back from the shore. Hate to sound unkind, but the rest of the country can’t keep subsidizing the rebuilding just so that some folks can have their boars parked out the back door and “live the good life”. Same goes for those in fire-prone areas in the mountains out west and “waterfront” properties along flood-prone rivers. When the S finally HTF, all of those folks are going to be left “high and dry” (although that may not be the figure of speech that’s most appropriate).

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers

    Victims of Hurricane Michael are represented by climate deniers

    Elections have consequences. Denying science has consequences. And we are reaping what we sow.


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