Global Catastrophe Looms. Meanwhile, on Campus…

October 9, 2018

5 Responses to “Global Catastrophe Looms. Meanwhile, on Campus…”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Shocking, or maybe a better word would be disgusting. Young folks in the DC area show more concern for the state of the world than this CA bunch—they have turned out in good numbers here for the Climate March and other events I’ve attended—there were even a bunch of 12-year-old Girl Scouts from Ohio who testified at the EPA hearing on coal ash dump regulations.

    A thought. Maybe this was not a representative sample? Perhaps they were all waiting for a bus outside the Business School or Law School? If so, they’re preparing to be the future rich and masters of the world, and know that success depends not on voting and being a good citizen but getting yours first.

  2. David L. Jewett Says:

    On the plus side, UC Irvine is in Orange County, California, a bastion of conservatism, and most likely their parents are Republicans, which makes those kids potential Republicans. So….., if they want to be lazy, apathetic, uniformed, and spoiled little turds who don’t care enough to vote? More power to them.

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