As New Hurricane Looms, PBS NewsHour on South Florida’s Climate Future

October 8, 2018

Good report from PBS will not be new to viewers here, – it looks like a review of my posts from the last decade – but – some folks are just to the point of being ready to hear.

Meanwhile, another hurricane has evolved, – apparently somewhat unexpectedly – into a Cat 3 major hurricane bearing down on the Florida panhandle.


A hurricane warning has been issued for parts of the Gulf Coast of Florida as Hurricane Michael is expected to become a “major hurricane” by Tuesday or Tuesday night, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

“Steady to rapid strengthening is forecast during the next day or so,” the NHC said Monday.

Hurricane Michael is currently tracking northwest at 12 mph., but will tilt southeast towards the of Gulf Mexico by Monday night. The center of the storm is expected to head inland towards the Florida Panhandle or Florida Big Bend area by Wednesday. The hurricane is currently 60 miles off the western tip of Cuba and maximum sustained wind gusts have grown to almost 85 mph, the NHC said.


Heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds are forecast, and a storm surge warning has also been issued for the northeastern Gulf Coast and extended to the Alabama-Florida border. The Florida Panhandle and Big Bend area stretching into Georgia and South Carolina could see four to eight inches of rain, with some areas as high as 12 inches. Storm surges can be life-threatening, and a warning usually means rising water could flood inland within 48 hours, according to the NHC.


2 Responses to “As New Hurricane Looms, PBS NewsHour on South Florida’s Climate Future”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Seems to have become the “new normal”. The IPCC Special Report on 1.5ºC came out today. More than overdue for governments to heed the warnings.

    “The best time to start [reducing emissions] was 25 years ago. The second best time is today.”

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Ah, but AGW is just a librul hoax used to forward a [duhn-duhn-DUHNN] Globalist Agenda.

      How can we deal with a problem which so many people prefer to minimize or ignore?

      In hydrogeology class we learned the political variant of NIMBY: NIMTO means that, yeah, the politician understands it’s a problem, but it will be a hassle to fix and will outrage my biggest donors, so Not In My Term of Office.

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